Cross-Border Engagement

A part from offering opportunities to engage with the wider community through different programs consistently and throughout a long period of time, our center also offers “immersion experiences” which have students dive deep into a community through an intensive and normally shorter period of time.

Through these immersions we are looking forward to provide a framework to nourish personal development, foster community engagement, strengthen organizations, and promote global dialogue.

While such an experience can feel unsettling at first, through years of developing these experiences in Mexico, Jamaica, Guatemala and New Orleans, we’ve learned that such experiences can lead to heightened learning and growth that usually translates into:

  • Greater capacity to engage in authentic relationships cross-culturally
  • Greater capacity to reflect and break down stereotypes and assumptions
  • Greater awareness of one’s impact on other communities
  • Greater respect and compassion for the humankind as a whole

Safety is important

We truly believe that engaging in such opportunities supports student’s growth in a very unique way, and we also recognize that there are risks that come with engaging in any type of community experience locally or globally.

This is why we take up all possible safety measures to enhance prevention, ensure student’s well-being, and be as prepared as possible to respond in case something ever happens.

Insurance form: Each student and immersion trip leader will have a copy of the insurance form used by USD that covers any emergency including travel, medical, personal, and security.

Orientation and code of conduct: All students go through an orientation about the experience, location, conduct and safety measures they need to abide by when engaging in an immersion experience.

Assumption of risk and release of liability: Each student signs a form ensuring they understand the risks and safety concerns.

Embassy Smart Traveler Enrolment Program (STEP): We have the students complete the Embassy STEP program to ensure our students and the trip is registered with the Department of State.

International Center at USD: We register all trips and students who are joining the trips with the International Center on campus. This ensures awareness on campus and would allow anyone to know where the students were if anything was to happen.

Student’s right to withdraw: Students who are engaging in the immersion as a requirement for a class are given an option not to attend, as long as they take responsibility to make arrangements with their professor.

CSL serves as liaison: As a center that organizes these experiences we serve as the liaison with any agency in terms of facilitating between the university and any outside agency to respond to an emergency.

Community partner orientation: We work very closely with local community partners that we know have a positive and strong presence in the regions we visit.

Connections with US embassies: We work on establishing close relationships with the US embassy and consulates, at any of the countries we visit.

  • US Embassy in Tijuana
    Contact: Cindy Rodriguez
    Address: Paseo De Las Culturas S/N
    Mesa De Otay, Tijuana 22425
    Phone: +52-664-977-2000
    Hours: Wednesday 7:30am-4:15pm
    Emergency line: 001-619-692-2154