Kathryn Manthorpe

A portrait of Kathryn smiling at the camera Kathryn Manthorpe is currently a candidate in the Master’s of Education: TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages), Literacy and Culture program at the University of San Diego. She received her bachelor's degree in International Relations from the University of California - Davis. While completing her undergraduate degree, she studied abroad in Santiago, Chile for six months in a fully immersive language program. Her experience with the coursework at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, as well as her own challenges integrating into Chilean culture, developed her deep empathy and compassion for immigrants who come face to face with emotional, social, and mental barriers in conjunction with trying to learn a new language. It was this experience that compelled her to decide to pursue a Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in TESOL right after finishing her undergraduate program. As well as being a graduate assistant for the Department of Learning and Teaching at the University of San Diego, she is also working as a Graduate Tutor for both native and non-native English speaking students at San Diego Mesa Community College.