Special Event Name Tags

The University of San Diego regularly hosts events on the campus, to which members of the public are invited. A template has been created for special event name tags and should be used for all guests who are attending an official university event. These name tags should include the first and last name of the guest. The name tags also may include the guest’s class year, if he or she is a USD alumnus or alumna, and the company or organization with which that guest is affiliated.

The name tags are perforated and can either be slipped into plastic name tag sleeves or peeled away from the backing and used as adhesive stickers.

There are three easy steps to using special event name tags:

  • Employees must order pre-printed shells of the special event name tags through the University Copy and Graphics Web site. These should be ordered well in advance of the event at which they will be used. Departments that host events regularly can order these pre-printed shells in bulk and store them with their other paper products.
  • Step Two: Employees must download the special event name tag template and, using the template, type in the names of all guests who will be receiving name tags.
  • Step Three: Employees must insert the pre-printed shells they received from University Copy and Graphics into their desktop printers and print their list of names on the shells.

Click here to order special event name tags online through the University Copy website.

Click here to download the name tag template.

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