Photography Style

Photography plays a strong role in the University of San Diego’s visual identity, and each school, center, institute, department and program should determine how to incorporate the following elements in their photography:

  • Photos that are taken outdoors and capture the brilliance of the blue sky help give the photos a sense of place and showcase USD’s location in San Diego. The blue sky also complements the university’s school colors and visual identity.

  • Photos that explore all facets of student life on campus — especially the relationships between students and their classmates, students and the faculty or the relationship between the university and the local or international communities — illustrate USD’s commitment to its mission and core values.

  • Photos that capture how we live out our faith through service to others show the importance of USD’s Catholic heritage.

  • Photos that underscore the rigor of the academic programs — including students and faculty collaborating in labs, conducting research in the field or working with the most technologically advanced equipment — demonstrate USD’s dedication to remaining on the cutting edge.

  • Photos that exemplify school spirit show what it means to be a Torero — an athlete, a fan, an alumnus or alumna, a friend of USD or anyone who, like a Torero, represents courage, honor and fidelity and a willingness to stand alone and accept a challenge.

  • Photos that feature the beauty of the campus and the richness of the Spanish Renaissance architecture depicts something that no other campus in the nation can claim.

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