Typography / Fonts

Consistent use of typography, or fonts, across all campus communications unifies materials and adds another element that defines the University of San Diegoís look and voice.

The University of San Diego adopted two official fonts, Berkeley and Myriad:

  • Berkeley is a traditional font best suited for projects that are more formal, as well as for academic and educational projects.

  • Myriad is strong, yet neutral. This font is contemporary. Itís considered readable and friendly, and works well with the universityís established identity.

If those fonts are not available, Garamond is an alternate font to Berkeley and Arial is an alternate font to Myriad. Arial should be used on the Web. Garamond is the font that must be used for all University of San Diego newsletters and is also preferred for general campus correspondence.

For more information on purchasing the Berkeley and Myriad fonts, contact the Department of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships.

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