Library Committee

Purpose of Committee

The University Library Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Dean of the University Library on matters of general policy, planning, programs, goals, and objectives. Each School and the College of Arts and Sciences based on size has from one to three representatives on the committee. There are also two student representatives and an additional representative from the library management team. Appointments are for a period of two years and renewable. The committee meets twice each semester. The responsibilities of the committee are as follows:

  1. Advises and reviews library policies for instruction, resources, services, and the facility.
  2. Advises regarding library services, especially innovation, for the campus community.
  3. Discusses budgetary issues for books, journals, databases, media, etc.
  4. Reviews benchmarking reports with peer institutions for resources, staffing, and services.
  5. Reviews the annual report for Copley Library.
  6. Fosters communication with and keeps faculty and other constituency groups informed of major library issues.
  7. Ensures the library is connected with and supports the University’s academic programs.
  8. Serves as an advocate for Copley Library.

Membership of Committee

  • Theresa Byrd, Dean of the University Library
  • Ann Mayo, School of Nursing
  • Michael O’ Brien, Library and Web Services
  • Tom Reifer, Sociology
  • Jonathan Sandy, School of Business
  • Dustin Sharp,Kroc School of Peace Studies
  • Maria Kniazeva, School of Business
  • Kristopher Hall, SOLES
  • Jared Gates, Graduate Student
  • Michael Epstein, Copley Library
  • Abraham Stoll, English
  • Melissa Gibbons, School of Engineering
  • Traci Merrill, Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Cynthia Avery, Student Affairs,


2019-2020 Meetings, 
November 14, 2019
February 25, 2020