Illuminate LLC - Honors Program

Shining light on the complex realities of the 21st century.

Who is an Illuminator? An Illuminator sees connections. We adapt to our ever-changing world, using scholarship and knowledge as tools to inspire new ways of being. Join us - be an Illuminator.

The Illuminate LLC is only for Honors Program students. Learn more about applying to the Honors Program here.

Please note the following housing information on these pages reflects our past practices and we are in the process of determining any possible changes due to COVID-19. We will provide updates as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, Camino and Founders Halls will be offline for renovation work as a part of USD's Renaissance Plan. Illuminate LLC students will be temporarily relocated to the Valley B building for the 2020-21 academic year.

The Valley B Community is a designated first year area. Valley B is co-ed by floor and consists of four, three-story buildings designed in a Spanish style. Along with the 460 first year residents living in this complex, a Community Director (CD), 22 Resident Assistants (RAs), and a Resident Minister (RM) also call Valley B home.

Each floor houses approximately 40 residents in fully tiled single or triple rooms and provides two furnished lounge areas. University-provided televisions are located in one of the two lounges on every floor. Each resident has an extra-long twin bed [80 in.], chest of drawers, desk and chair. In addition, each room has wireless internet access. There are two bathroom areas on each floor with toilets, sinks and showers, which are cleaned by university staff weekly. The third floor rooms have window seats and the four buildings surround a grassy courtyard with a beautiful magnolia tree. The University Alcohol Policy designates Valley B as a no-alcohol living area regardless of age or class status.

Students living in Valley B enjoy close proximity to Bosley Café and Bosley Fitness Center. This housing area is situated in what students call “The Valley,” which is the largest residential community on campus, and home to first-year students, sophomores and upperclassmen alike.

Begin quote To me, Illuminate is all about shedding light on issues or areas of research that we are passionate about. This can apply to any field, from visual arts to biophysics. Since Illuminate is one of the smaller LLCs, students form a tight-knit, yet diverse community in which they can grow and push each other academically. Everyone has a unique perspective, so when Illuminators work together, they can create positive change. – Cristina Guijon, Facilitating Scholastic Assistant for Illuminate

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Begin quote Being a part of the Illuminate LLC means that you are willing to challenge your peers and shine a light on today’s issues. Not only will you be inspired to be a Changemaker at USD, but you will find yourself immersed in a community that makes you feel challenged and supported. Something I love about the Illuminate LLC is the small size, meaning you get a better chance to meet and establish great connections with your peers and faculty! – Tommy Vettukallel, Coaching Residential Assistant for Illuminate