Cultivate LLC

Think critically. Act mindfully. Build your foundation of sustainability.

Who is a cultivator? A cultivator is inspired and inspires others. We value the exploration, creation and practice of awareness for a sustainable world. Cultivate your path. Join us - be a cultivator.

Please note the following housing information on these pages reflects our past practices and we are in the process of determining any possible changes due to COVID-19. We will provide updates as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, Camino and Founders Halls will be offline for renovation work as a part of USD's Renaissance Plan. Cultivate LLC students will be temporarily relocated to the San Antonio de Padua (SAP) building for the 2020-21 academic year.

San Antonio de Padua (SAP) offers 41 units consisting of studios for three residents and large one-bedroom apartments for four residents. A laundry room and a study/piano lounge are located on the ground level of this three-story building. Each unit is entered from an interior hallway and some have balcony views of Tecolote Canyon and Mission Bay. There is an outdoor living space that features a large seating area, fire pit, lounge chairs, and patio furniture perfect for spending time with friends or pursuing outdoor study groups.

Begin quote Throughout their time at USD, students cultivate knowledge, relationships, skills and much more. But what I love about the Cultivate LLC is that there is always a strong emphasis on real-world application. Students learn to think critically about the impact of their actions on the environment and the community. Ultimately, I believe students within the Cultivate LLC graduate from USD prepared to face the most pressing challenges in the world today. – Paige Hopkins, Facilitating Scholastic Assistant for Cultivate

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Begin quote The thing I truly love about the Cultivate LLC is that it is a home for those who not only care about the environment and the world around them, but it can also be a place for those that want to grow themselves and their peers. Being a Cultivator means that you can not only instill change in the environment and Earth, but also in yourself and in your peers. College is a time where you learn a lot about yourself and learn to grow, and Cultivate LLC is the perfect environment for just that. – Tomy Vettukallel, Coaching Residential Assistant for Cultivate