Advocate LLC

Social justice in a local and/or global context.

Who is an advocate? An advocate welcomes all. We advocate for the equitable opportunities for all members of our community. We advocate for our experiences and identities, and recognize the importance of awareness and action. Join us - be an advocate.

Please note the following housing information on these pages reflects our past practices and we are in the process of determining any possible changes due to COVID-19. We will provide updates as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Advocate students will be housed in Valley A. Students living in Valley A enjoy close proximity to Bosley Café and Bosley Fitness Center. This housing area is located in what students call “The Valley,” which is the largest residential community on campus, and home to first-year students, sophomores, and upperclassmen alike. Please note that Valley A has single, double and triple (limited) rooms. Each floor is a suite of 8 residents, with two shared bathrooms with shower, toilet and sinks. All residents in the suite share these bathrooms, regardless of the room occupancy type. 


Begin quote To be a member of the Advocate LLC is to acknowledge that your voice is powerful. Throughout the year, you will learn how to use that power to advocate for the causes that you are passionate about and the communities you belong to. Today, there are numerous issues worldwide that deserve special attention yet many of these issues go unnoticed. The Advocate LLC, as a part of the USD Changemaking community, allows students to explore these issues with their classmates and professors in a manner that seeks justice and tries to improve the global community. – Corina Martinez, Facilitating Scholastic Assistant for Advocate

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Begin quote Advocating is not just about talking. The Advocate LLC is about listening, understanding and acting to help those who are pushed to the margins. We strive to speak out, not for our own selfish reasons, but for the greater whole of the community. These social teachings are integrated in the classroom, in Valley A and throughout the student body. In Valley A, we challenge residents to empathize and understand people of all religious, political and cultural backgrounds. – Theodore Badilo, Facilitating Residential Assistant for Advocate