Student Organization Registration

How to register your student organization

All law student organizations must register every year in order to be eligible for the benefits (i.e. SBA funding, room reservations, Sidebar submissions, space in the student organization office, etc.). In order to register your student organization please turn in the following two items:

1) Student Organization Registration Form

The Student Organization Registration Form must be filled out completely, and include an SBA Representative in the list of officers and a Faculty Advisor. Be sure to contact your Faculty Advisor prior to listing them on the form to ensure that they would like to be your organization's Faculty Advisor for the academic year.

2) Student Organization Bylaws

Each student organization must turn in their bylaws. Please refer to this Bylaws Model that you can use as a guide should your organization not have any bylaws. While each organization's bylaws can be unique to fit its needs, each set of bylaws must contain certain provisions. You should refer to the Bylaws Model for those requirements. Director for Law Student Affairs Irene Meloney has copies of each student organization's bylaws; you can email her if you would like a copy of them.

Both the student organization registration form and bylaws are due to the Office for Law Student Affairs by May 31 in order to be registered for the upcoming academic year. You may turn in the materials into Warren Hall room 218 or email them to

It is important that you register your student organization by May 31 every year. Registration provides our office with information to keep in touch with your student organization over the summer. In addition, registration makes the officers in your organization eligible for the Student Leader Scholarship. Student organization officers are only eligible for the Student Leader Scholarship if the student organization is officially registered.

If you have any questions about registration, please contact Director for Law Student Affairs Irene Meloney at or (619) 260-7438.