​Sign-Posting Policy

No materials may be posted on any structure of the building such as walls, doors, lockers, windows, ceilings, floors or waste receptacles. Nothing may be posted in the administrative sign holders located outside of each classroom.

Only one notice per event may be posted on each bulletin board. All posted materials must clearly indicate the date posted and name of the responsible organization or student. Postings must be removed after the event.



Flyers may only be posted in the following areas:

Warren Hall First floor:

  • On the SBA bulletin board in the Writs
  • All housing advertisements should only be posted on the SBA bulletin board
  • The bulletin boards on the doors of Warren Hall 114B and Warren Hall 114F are reserved exclusively for Registered Student Organizations and SBA, respectively

Warren Hall Second floor:

  • On the bulletin boards around Warren Hall 206
  • Posting on specific-use boards is limited to that specific use (e.g. Student Organizations, Legal Research Center, etc.)
  • Commercial postings are only allowed on the second floor on their specific-use boards with approval from the Office for Law Student Affairs (Warren Hall 218)

Warren Hall Third floor:

  • On either bulletin board in the hallways by Warren Hall 3A and Warren Hall 3B

Pardee Legal Research Center:

  • On the bulletin boards near Legal Research Center 131 and Legal Research Center 132

All Classrooms:

Warren Hall, Legal Research Center, Guadalupe Hall

  • On the outlined sides of the chalk/white boards in all of the classrooms

Signs/Posters on easels may only be placed in the Writs area of the Warren Hall first floor. Easels may be obtained through LawEventReservation@sandiego.edu.

Electronic Board Posting Information

Event information for registered student organizations and SBA can be posted on the electronic boards located in Warren Hall. To do so, send a PowerPoint slide (18.5 x 9.5) to the Associate Director for Law Student Affairs Kathryn Hoyt.

University of San Diego Kiosks and Bulletin Boards Outside the Law School

Kiosks are for the purpose of posting information for campus events. These are located at the Student Life Pavilion, Camino/Founders patio and in front of the Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice.

See guidelines for posting on these kiosks.

  • All student event and organization postings must be approved and stamped by Student Life Facilities, Hahn University Center 205. Flyers for events sponsored by academic departments require approval and stamp by the appropriate dean's office.
  • Flyers must be for events open to the campus community and sponsored by a registered student organization or university department.
  • Campus bulletin boards are for the purpose of posting information for campus events and sponsored programs. These bulletin boards are located in the Hahn University Center and Student Life Pavilion as well as Serra, Camino and Founders Halls.
  • The size of flyers on campus bulletin boards should not exceed 11x17 and are limited to one per bulletin board. Flyers are not allowed on interior floors, walls, windows, doors or furnishings.
  • Indoor posters are allowed on bulletin boards with the approval of appropriate departments and administrators. Posters may not exceed 22x28 inches and are not allowed on interior floors, walls, windows, doors or furnishings. Faculty may post individual announcements on their office doors.