​Mentorship Program

Need a Mentor?

Please note: This information is for incoming first-year JD students. If you are a continuing student and would like to be a mentor, please email the SBA Vice President at USDLawVP@gmail.com.

The Mentorship Program is a great way to get to know USD. By signing up, you will receive an upper–class mentor — someone you can go to for advice and support. Law school can be stressful and upper–class students can be helpful and fun resources to get you through it.

Mentors and mentees will be paired up during the first four weeks of school. It is our goal to match mentors and mentees based on program division and interests.

If you know someone who is a second–year (2L) or third–year (3L) and would like to request that individual as your mentor, please note the requested person's name on the form below, however it is not guaranteed.

To request a mentor, please complete and submit the Mentor Request form.