Registration is only open to USD-eligible law students and will occur online through the MySanDiego portal.

Important Registration Notice for All Students

You must maintain your status as a student throughout the course of your degree program. Your student status is considered active if you are:

  • Enrolled in classes (all degree candidates)
  • On an approved Leave of Absence

If you are not enrolled in classes and have not been granted a Leave of Absence, you face administrative withdrawal from your degree program. Once you are withdrawn, you must apply to be considered for readmission to the law school. Readmission is not guaranteed.

U.S. Department of Education regulations prohibit an academic institution from placing a student on a Leave of Absence without a formal request from the student to do so. This is why submitting a Leave of Absence form (PDF) is essential if you are not enrolling in courses for one or more semesters or if you are dropping all of your courses during a semester.

If you have any questions or need more information, if you are a JD student, contact the Office for Law Student Affairs at (619) 260-6851; if you are an LLM student, contact the Office of Graduate and International Programs at (619) 260-7584.

Online Registration Support

If you are experiencing technical difficulty, please contact:
(619) 260-7900

If you are experiencing issues with pre-requisites or other non-technical registration matters, please contact:
(619) 260-4526