​​Taking Exams @ USD Law

Exam Numbers

Professors grade examinations without knowing whose exam they are grading. To insure each student's anonymity, a midterm examination number and a different final examination number are assigned to each student each semester. These numbers are available through the MySanDiego portal. Students write their exam numbers (NOT their names) on their exams and bluebooks and give completed exams and bluebooks to someone other than the professor (usually a proctor) to further ensure grading anonymity.

Use of Laptops

Students may elect to use their laptops to take exams using secure software from ExamSoft. Students are responsible for their own personal computers and bear the risks associated with using them and the ExamSoft software during exams. If a student encounters any computer or software issues at the start of or during an exam, the student will then be required to handwrite their exam answers in a blue book. This is consistent with the State Bar of California bar examiners’ practice for the bar exam.

Before upgrading a computer’s operating system or purchasing a new computer, students are advised to refer to the Minimum System Requirements on the following ExamSoft homepage to ensure it will be compatible with the software: www.examsoft.com/usdlaw.

To use ExamSoft for final exams complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have an active USD email account: This account is necessary to access the wireless Internet, and for the setup of ExamSoft's student database. If you have not already done so, please activate your account online now.
  2. Download and register the Examplify program.
    • Username: your USD student ID (9-digit format, i.e. 008403215)
    • Password: last 6 digits of your USD ID number
    • Institution ID: usdlaw
    Students who would like to use a laptop computer for final exams must download the most recent version of Examplify, which is released every fall. Newer updates may be released throughout the academic year to improve reliability.
  3. Once registered, you may begin to download your personal exam files or electronic bluebooks. For midterms, exam files are typically available one week before the exam and for finals, they are typically available two weeks before the exam period. 

Please Note: If you do not download your personal exam files you will not have the ability to use your laptop for your final exams. Please allow extra time for this process to account for technical difficulties. If you experience trouble with this process, please report your issues to the Office of Law School Registrar.

What if I have an iPad or similar device?

Examplify only works on Windows and Macintosh laptop computers. iPad, Android and Linux devices are not compatible. Please go to the ExamSoft website and read the Minimum System Requirements to see if your computer is compatible.

What if I need other accommodations?


Exam accommodations must be submitted to the Office of the Law School Registrar no later than October 31 for the fall semester and March 31 for the spring semester.