Jordan Turner '17 (JD)

Jordan Turner on campus at USD School of Law

Law school is a test of endurance and perseverance

"Prepare yourself for setbacks. Never lose your confidence because of something not going your way. Law School will test your endurance and your perseverance. Those who bounce back are the ones who set themselves up for lasting success. Also, stay leveled at all times. Don't get too high or overconfident because you have experienced success. Remain confident, leveled, humble, and positive."

Legal interests: Business litigation, specifically white collar and corporate crime
Bachelor's degree: BA in Political Science and Philosophy, University of the Pacific, Stockton, 2013
Hometown: Oakland, Calif.
Dream job: Prosecute white collar criminals, especially those who are involved in the types of fraud that negatively effect vast numbers of people.

  1. Q: What is the best thing that has happened to you here at law school?
    A: What I am most grateful so far is the opportunity to learn from such accomplished and ridiculously intelligent professors. People who want to be great desire to be pushed by others who have accomplished greatness. The best thing so far is that I have been pushed by great teachers who were/are great lawyers. That is a blessing that can't be overstated.
  2. Q: What surprised you the most about law school?
    A: What has surprised me most thus far is the fact that I have yet to encounter the stereotypical law school horror stories that many people fear. In particular, I haven't encountered the ruthless competitiveness that often consumes other schools. I was promised that USD Law was not like this, but I admit I did not initially believe. After a semester and a half I can say that if Law School truly is how it is depicted, USD definitely does not fit the mold.
  3. Q: Why did you choose USD School of Law?
    A: My choice to attend USD Law was an extremely easy one. I was thoroughly impressed by the campus tour given by Dean Garcia. What stuck with me most was his explanation of the community feel that is present in the law school. It is always good to encounter people who want you to be successful, especially when partaking in something as difficult as law school. Additionally, it is extremely difficult to turn down attending school in beautiful San Diego.
  4. Q: How hard is law school? Is it more or less work than you thought?
    A: Law school has definitely been as difficult as I expected it to be. My high expectations allowed me to avoid surprises and being caught off guard from the work load. Understanding what you're up against is vital to early success in my opinion.
  5. Q: What advice would you give to a prospective student? What things might you have done differently?
    A: Proper preparation prevents poor performance. If you commit yourself to being prepared for class every single day, your grasp on the material will grow stronger and stronger. Find note taking techniques and study techniques that work for you, and repeat them on a daily basis for every class. This has tremendously benefited me thus far.