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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the San Diego Library Circuit Consortium?

A: The San Diego Library Circuit is a consortium of the libraries of California State University-San Marcos, San Diego State University, University of California, San Diego, and the University of San Diego with the goal of sharing library resources.

Q: What does the San Diego Library Circuit do for me?

A: Students, faculty, administrators and staff members of these four universities may request books from one of the other three university libraries to be delivered to their home library.

Q: How do I use the San Diego Library Circuit?

A: You can do a search in the online catalog, then execute the same search in the Circuit Database by clicking on the “Repeat this search in the Circuit” button. Choose this option and you can search the combined database, just as you would search SALLY- search by author, title, subject, and keyword.

You will be able to do this throughout the USD Libraries, computer labs, and by connecting to the online catalog from your home or office. Both a web version and telnet version of the database will be available to you.

If you identify an item you want to request, simply click on "Request this item." You will be prompted for your university affiliation (U of San Diego), your name, your USD ID barcode number (ours begin with 25073...) You also need to specify the USD Library where you would like to pick up the book.

Q: How can I check on the status of my request and know when the book arrives?

A: From the online catalog, click on “ View your patron record”. You will then enter your name and barcode. While viewing your patron record, click on “ Display Held Items”. You will get a list of items you have requested from the Circuit, indicating if it has been received in your library yet. We do not notify you when the item is received.

Q: Where do I pick up the books?

A: The books are delivered to your home library - Copley Library or the Legal Research Center. The turnaround time is about 24 hours. The goal of the Circuit is "in by 10 a.m. - out by 4 p.m." There may be delay in receipt of some materials due to remote storage, time of delivery van pickup, time of day the request is submitted, etc. Delivery is only made Monday through Fridays. If the Libraries are closed, there is no delivery that day.

Q: How long will you hold the books for me?

A: Books are held at your home library for seven days, and then returned to the lending library.

Q: How long can I keep the books from another library?

A: All users may borrow books for 28 days and may renew books twice.

Q: How many books can I have at a time?

A: You are allowed to have twenty books checked out via the Circuit plus ten additional requests pending at any one given time.

Q: Where do I return the books?

A: You must return books to the Circulation Desk at your home library; they will then be sent back to the lending library.

Q: What is the penalty if I return books late?

A: Fines are $1.00 per day with a maximum of $15. After 15 days you will be billed for a lost book, including a non-refundable processing fee of $15 and a replacement fee of $100. If you have $15 in unpaid fines/replacement fees (including fines accumulated at your home library), you will be unable to make further Circuit requests until your fees are paid. The success of the consortium depends on all users to return materials on time. USD Libraries and their patrons must comply with all consortium rules.

Q: Why won’t the system let me make a request?

A: You must be a currently-enrolled student, faculty, administrator or staff member at the University of San Diego. Alumni or extramural borrowers cannot borrow through the Circuit. USD Libraries may own the item. The Circuit will not allow you to request items that are indicated as "available" at your library. If our copy is checked out, you can still request the book through the Circuit. If our copy is missing from the shelf, you must initiate a "search" for our copy before placing a Circuit request. You may do this at the Circulation Desk.

Your barcode may not be current. Check at the Circulation Desk to see that it is correct.

You must have a complete address in your patron record. Check the Circulation Desk to see that your address information is complete and correct.

You may already have 20 items checked out through the Circuit. There is a limit of 20 books per patron checked out plus ten requests pending at any given time through the Circuit.

You may owe more than $15 in fines in your own library or through the Circuit. Your Circuit privileges are blocked until you pay the fines.

Q: Can I just go to another library and borrow the books myself?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I request journal articles and media (non-print) materials?

A: Not directly via the Circuit. Copies of articles available at other Circuit libraries may be obtained using Interlibrary Loan. Please check with a Reference Librarian.

Q: What about books not owned by Circuit Libraries?

A: You may still request books via Interlibrary Loan. However, you should always check the Circuit database before you submit an Interlibrary Loan Request.

Something to Remember

The books are loaned for 28 days, and may be renewed twice. Fines are $1.00 a day, and after 15 days the books are considered lost and you will be billed for $115. The Circuit is a privilege, and we are guest users of another library’s collection. You may go directly to another Circuit library and borrow materials. The Circuit agreement only applies to books loaned through the database and delivery program.

For more information about the San Diego Library Circuit, inquire at the the Circulation Desk at Copley Library or the Legal Research Center


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