​Administration of Loan Repayment Assistance Program

A. Loan Repayment Assistance Program Governing Board

USD's LRAP will be administered by the Loan Repayment Assistance Program Governing Board generally consisting of the USD School of Law Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, the Associate Director of Career and Professional Development, the Administrative Director from the Center for Public Interest and the President of the Public Interest Law Foundation.

B. Application Procedure

On an annual basis, applicants for initial and continuing grants from the LRAP must file an application with the USD School of Law Financial Aid Office. Applicants and continuing participants must provide proof of employment with a qualified employer, income information on a calendar year schedule, a list of educational debts (including the lender's name, the date of origination, and when debt repayment begins) and other financial obligations, a signed copy of the applicant's federal tax returns, the spouse's tax returns and salary information (if applicable), an agreement to report salary increases, and any additional information and/or documents deemed necessary by the LRAP Governing Board. Applications and supporting financial data will be reviewed and evaluated by the Financial Aid Office, who will make recommendations as to eligibility and appropriate benefit level to the LRAP Governing Board.

The LRAP Governing Board will review all applications for the Program and award grants based upon the amount of funding available during a given year and each applicant's financial need. Each LRAP Governing Board member has an equally weighted vote. The LRAP Governing Board is authorized to adjust overall Program eligibility criteria based upon changing economic conditions and the amount of funding available to the Program.

All Program applicants authorize the LRAP Governing Board to request completion of financial information forms and submission of relevant financial documentation. Failure of any applicant to comply with these requirements on a timely basis may result in termination or denial of Program eligibility.

Important Dates

The tentative* timetable for Governing Board review of applications is the following:

May 10, 2021 Applications should be received by this date
May 11-17, 2021 Application Review Process
Week of May 30, 2021 Applicant Notification
Week of June 14, 2021 Disbursement of Funds

*The dates listed are for maximum consideration. Applications submitted at the other times during the year will be considered on a funds-available basis. Applicants will generally be notified within 90 days of application.

Please note that incomplete applications or applications with missing data will not be considered. This includes missing Employer Certification information, copies of all requested tax information and documents indicating twelve (12) months of loan repayment.

C. Nondiscrimination Policy

The LRAP Governing Board must consider the application of any law graduate who meets the threshold requirements listed in the LRAP Application, and must make benefit decisions based solely upon the applicant's individual financial need and the amount of Program money available. The ideology of the nonprofit organization by which the graduate is employed may not be considered in determining Program eligibility or benefit level.