Lawrence Alexander

Lawrence Alexander
Phone: (619) 260-2317
Office: Pardee Legal Research Center 306

Lois Zvolensky
(619) 260-4179

Warren Distinguished Professor of Law; Co-Executive Director, Institute for Law & Religion

  • LLB, 1968, Yale University
  • BA, 1965, Williams College

Areas of Expertise

Religious Freedom/Separation of Church and State, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Federal Courts, Constitutional Interpretation, Constitutional Law and Constitutional Rights, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, Law and Religion

Professional Experience

Alexander was admitted to the California Bar in 1968. He joined the USD School of Law faculty in 1970.

Professor Alexander teaches and writes in the areas of constitutional law, criminal law, and jurisprudence.

Honors and Affiliations

Alexander serves on the editorial boards of the journals Law & Philosophy, Ethics, Criminal Law and Philosophy, and the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law. He is the co-editor of the international quarterly Legal Theory.

Scholarly Work

  • How to Govern Conduct, in New Essays in the Nature of Legal Reasoning (Mark McBride & James Penner eds., Hart Publishing 2022) (with Sherwin)
  • Connecting the Rule of Recognition and Intentionalist Interpretation: An Essay in Honor of Richard Kay, 52 Connecticut Law Review 1513 (2021)
  • Advanced Introduction to Legal Reasoning (Edward Elgar Publishing 2021) (with Sherwin)
  • Culpably Causing the Conditions of Justified Acts: Another Look, 49 Philosophia 107 (2021)
  • Fish on First, 14 Florida International University Law Review 705 (2021)
  • Formalist Textualism and the Cernauskas Problem, 23 Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues 169 (2021)
  • Proportionality's Function, 15 Criminal Law & Philosophy 361 (2021)
  • Appreciation and Responses, in Moral Puzzles and Legal Perplexities: Essays on the Influence of Larry Alexander (Heidi Hurd ed., Cambridge University Press 2019)
  • Goldsworthy on Interpretation of Statutes and Constitutions: Public Meaning, Intended Meaning, and the Bogey of Aggregation, in Law Under a Democratic Constitution: Essays in Honour of Jeffrey Goldsworthy (Lisa Crawford, Patrick Emerton & Dale Smith eds., Hart Publishing 2019)
  • Inciting, Requesting, Provoking, or Persuading Others to Commit Crimes: The Legacy of Schenck and Abrams in Free Speech Jurisprudence, 72 Southern Methodist University Law Review 389 (2019)
  • Reckless Beliefs, in The Palgrave Handbook of Applied Ethics and Criminal Law (Larry Alexander & Kimberly Ferzan eds., Palgrave Macmillan 2019) (with Cole)
  • The Palgrave Handbook of Applied Ethics and the Criminal Law (Larry Alexander & Kimberly Ferzan eds., Palgrave Macmillan 2019)
  • Constitutionalism, in Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (Mortimer Sellers & Stephan Kirste eds., Springer 2018)
  • Is There a Case for Strict Liability?, 12 Criminal Law & Philosophy 531 (2018)
  • Reflections on Crime and Culpability: Problems and Puzzles (Cambridge University Press 2018) (with Ferzan)
  • Retributive Justice, in Oxford Handbook of Distributive Justice (Serene Olsaretti ed., Oxford University Press 2018)
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