​Law School Faculty Book and Periodical Purchase Processes


When a faculty member wants to purchase a book using faculty development funds.

  • The preferred method of communication is email.
  • Send your book request email to LRC collection development. Please include as much information as possible, including the valid POETS code, the book title, author, edition number (if any) and other information, including publisher and date of publication (if known), and preferred format (hardcover or paperback). If you want the book to be rush or express shipped, please indicate that.
  • The LRC will deliver the book to your executive assistant.
  • The LRC will process the invoice(s) using the POETS code provided by the faculty member and send it to the director of budgets and administration for signature authorization.

When a faculty member has purchased a book and is requesting reimbursement.

  • Please provide the reimbursement request form, original receipt and the book(s) to the lead executive assistant, who will deliver the book(s) and documentation to the LRC for processing.
  • The LRC will return the signed reimbursement documentation and the book(s) to the lead executive assistant once processing is complete.
  • The faculty member will receive the purchased materials.
  • The executive assistant will obtain signature authorization from the director of budgets and administration and send the reimbursement documentation to procurement for payment.

Newspapers and Periodicals

All purchases made with university funds must be delivered to and billed to the university address. When you are updating your news and journal subscriptions, make sure you have identified the university as the address of record. Include Warren Hall and your office number in the address field and send an email to: LRC collection development.

Effective 12-1-09