​Faculty Instructions for In-Class Evaluations

​USD School of Law Evaluation Week

  1. Please allow 10–15 minutes of class time for students to access the evaluation online.
  2. Ask all students with laptops to power them on and read the following out loud to them:
    "The faculty and administration request your help in providing an evaluation of this course. If you do not have your laptop today, you can still access this evaluation on your own time 24 hours a day until the day after the last day of classes.

    To access the online course evaluation forms for this course, log in to MySanDiego and click on the "Law Student" tab. Scroll down the page to Registration Tools and click on "Registration History," then click on my name.

    Student evaluations are important. The results and comments are used in formulating important institutional decisions. They are also used by the individual professors for the evaluation and improvement of their courses, as well as by students for course selection purposes. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to take the time to access this system and to comment carefully and constructively.
  3. Step outside the room to allow students 10-15 minutes to fill out the evaluations.
  4. Return to class.

NOTE: Students can access evaluations until the day after your last class meeting.

Thank you for your assistance!