Law School Event ​Set Up Procedures

Event Space Request

Law school department/employee ("Requester") requests space through Virtual EMS.

  • Requester indicates whether catering will be used
  • Requester indicates A/V and technology needs
  • Requester indicates (a) room is needed "as is" or (b) Requester will provide a diagram. If (b) is chosen, Requester emails diagram to Event Scheduler/Program Coordinator

Event Scheduler/Program Coordinator confirms availability of space and:

  • Sends confirmation email to Requester
  • Sends catering marker to Catering
  • Sends A/V and technology request to Law School Tech Specialist
  • Provides weekly report of set-up requests to Lead Custodian


  • Requester works directly with Catering to submit order and to ensure order arrives. A proactive approach is encouraged, given their work volume.
  • All linens should be ordered through Catering unless you own linens. (See "Linens" below)
  • Requester is responsible for "day of" supervision (calling Catering if order does not arrive, is incorrect, etc.).
  • If event is on the weekend, Requester will have to remove food waste/trash to an outside trash can outside of the building after the event (for small events only) or arrange in advance for a custodian/contract worker to work that day. Requester should contact Lead Custodian directly to make arrangements. (See "Cleaning" below)

A/V and Technology Needs

  • Requester sends any changes to A/V and technology needs (from original request) directly to Tech Specialist and copies Event Scheduler/Program Coordinator to input in system.
  • Requester is responsible for "day of" supervision of A/V and technology set-up.


Unless the Requester's department owns linens, all linens should be ordered through Catering. The law school's linens are reserved for emergencies and occasional panel tables and registration tables (due to limited supply and time/expense of cleaning).

Furniture Removal and Set-up

General notes:

  • Law school custodians cannot move furniture to clear the event space (such as from Warren Hall Lobby). They cannot set-up the banquet tables, which are heavier than belly bars and registration/panel tables.
  • Law school custodians can move belly bars and registration/panel tables. The law school custodians are on site Monday through Friday, until 10:30 p.m.
  • Staff are not available on weekends.
  • No furniture may be moved from the Faculty Reading Room or the Writs. However, additional furniture may be brought in as needed (such as adding belly bars). The bishops table in the FRR may be extended but may not be moved.

For events not requiring General Services/contract movers (no furniture moving; only adding belly bars, registration/panel tables with chairs, podium):

  • Event Scheduler/Program Coordinator will forward the diagram provided by Requester to Lead Custodian in connection with weekly report of set-up requests.
  • Requester is responsible for "day of" supervision of set-up (works directly with Lead Custodian). Reminders are encouraged.

For events requiring General Services, contract movers, or outside furniture rental companies (i.e. your event involves the Lobby – moving existing furniture and/or adding banquet tables and chairs OR your furniture needs to be added on the weekend when custodians are not here OR additional furniture is needed beyond the law school's inventory):

  • Requester will submit a request to General Services via Virtual EMS. It is highly recommended to add as much information as possible when initially requesting space.
    • If General Services is available on the date needed, Requester will need to schedule for set-up during regular General Services hours (Monday through Friday 7 a.m. until 2 p.m.).
  • If General Services is not available on the date needed, or if set-up must be done outside of their regular hours (such as due to timing of other events in the building, of which the Event Scheduler will notify the Requester), Requester will hire contract movers. Lead Custodian will provide contact information.
    • Requester should ensure event budget includes funding for contract movers. Minimum hours may apply. Requester will pay contract mover directly.
  • Requester to work with Catering or directly with an outside rental company (such as Raphael's) if additional tables, chairs, stage, etc. are needed (the law school has limited supply). Outside rental companies only set-up and remove the furniture they are providing (they do not move our existing furniture).
    • Law school has 8 large round tables that seat 8.
    • Law school has 8 belly bars.
    • Law school has 30 matching chairs.
  • In all cases, Requester will oversee set-up to ensure it meets request and coordinate any changes needed directly with law school custodians, General Services, or contract movers, as applicable ("day of" supervision). As with Catering, a proactive approach is encouraged.


  • Neither General Services nor outside furniture rental companies provide cleaning services.
    • General Services moves and sets up furniture.
    • Outside rental companies only set-up and remove the furniture they are providing (they do not move our existing furniture).
  • Cleaning of law school buildings after events is done by:
    • Law school custodians Monday through Friday, until 10:30 p.m.
    • Law school custodians working overtime on weekends.
    • Contract workers (the same workers who move furniture are also available to clean).
  • If your event is on a weekday, law school custodians will provide cleaning services after your event (no additional charge).
  • If your event is on a weekend:
    • And no furniture moving is needed, law school custodians will provide cleaning services (no additional charge). Requester should confirm cleaning schedule with Lead Custodian.
    • And you have arranged for contract workers to move furniture following the event, you should arrange for the contract worker to also clean the event space and restrooms. Requester will be responsible for paying the contract workers' invoice directly.
    • If your event includes 50 or more people, please be sure to arrange for either a custodian or contract worker to clean the restrooms after your event.
    • If you serve food or drinks, please be sure that food waste is removed to trash cans outside of the building, whether you choose to do that yourself or arrange for a custodian or contract worker.