Choosing a Date and Reserving a Room

Choosing a date for your event

Well-attended events add value in terms of money spent and development of favorable impressions of the law school and law school community. Prior to planning any event, you should check the law school calendar and consult with the Program Manager about potential date(s) for your event.

Factors to consider:

  • Avoiding/minimizing conflict with:
    • Other law school events
    • Academic calendar
    • University holidays (no campus resources will be available to support your event)
    • University events (which may limit availability of parking and campus resources)
    • San Diego legal community events (large conferences, events, awards dinners, etc.)
  • Availability of the target audience
  • Availability of the dean, if desired

Reserving a Space

Factors to consider in choosing an event space:

  • Realistic size of audience (a mostly empty theater does not leave a positive impression)
  • Availability of the venue to accommodate space for registration and sponsor tables
  • A/V needs (podia, recording capability, seating arrangement)
  • Catering (food is prohibited in many event spaces)
  • Funding (many of the popular event venues on campus charge for rental and resource needs, particularly outside of business hours)

Law Facilities and Capabilities

Warren Hall 131 96 4
Warren Hall 133 36  
Warren Hall 2A 60 2
Warren Hall 2B 66 2
Warren Hall 3A 92 1
Warren Hall 3B 92 1
Warren Hall 3C 48 accessible
Warren Hall 3D 48 accessible
Warren Hall 314 24 accessible
Warren Hall 315 24 accessible
Court Room 303 88 2
Legal Research Center 113 48 accessible
Legal Research Center 132 110 accessible
Guadalupe Hall 117 20 accessible
Guadalupe Hall 203 16 accessible

Reserve a room in Warren Hall, Guadalupe Hall or Pardee Legal Research Center.

Reserve a room in other USD venues (charges may apply). See facilities and capabilities.