Today USD School of Law stands among the highest-rated law schools in the country as judged by two essential criteria—the quality of faculty scholarship and the credentials of enrolled students.

An endowment helps institutions build for the future. Over the years, endowment funds grow in value through sound investment and provide a major source of supplemental income. They also reduce dependence upon tuition income and make it possible to sustain long term commitments to faculty, students and academic programs.

There are a number of meaningful ways in which you can contribute to the endowment of the USD School of Law. You can make a contribution of any amount towards the school's general endowment fund or with a minimum gift of $50,000, you may create your own named endowment fund to support a specific program or purpose (e.g. scholarships, professorships or specialized course or conference).

You can make a donation online or contact the Office of Development at (619) 260-4692 for more information.

Endowment FAQ

  • How can I contribute to the endowment?
  • What is an endowment?
  • How does an endowment help the law school?
  • Will my donation be used to the support the law school only?
  • What is the minimum gift amount required to create a named endowment fund?
  • I am not able to donate $50,000, so will my gift really make a difference?