Law Firm Challenge Captain Toolkit

Recruiting Your Colleagues

As a firm captain, you are responsible for contacting the alumni at your firm to explain the importance of alumni participation and to encourage an annual gift. We provide all the support you need, including information about annual participation and e-mail updates on the participation status of your firm and fellow alumni.

Here are some things you can do to get your fellow alumni on board:

  1. Consider your firm/organizations culture
    Every firm and organization is unique. Approach your colleagues in ways that are most appropriate for your office/firm culture.
  2. Send email announcements
    We will send you Challenge updates which you can forward to your colleagues. To be even more effective, you can personalize your messages to include your perspective, such as why you are involved and how this will benefit your firm.
  3. Conduct periodic follow up
    People are busy. The key to the Challenge is persistent follow-up, either in person, personalized email or over the phone. You can also recruit your colleagues to help drum up support.

After the Gift

Every donor will receive a thank you note from the law school, however a personal note from a member of the Development staff will also mean a great deal to them. Please let me know who you believe would benefit from special acknowledgement.