Law Firm Challenge Agent Toolkit

​Tips for Having Fun and Winning the Challenge

Use your creativity to make the Law Firm Challenge a fun competition that brings your colleagues together and strengthens your personal network of support.

  1. Personalize and forward email updates each month.
    Keep your colleagues informed by adding personalized information your colleagues care about, such as:
    • Upcoming events taking place on campus
    • Recruitment goals for the year
    • Anything your colleagues like about USD School of Law - softball teams, favorite faculty members, etc.
  2. Call or stop by the offices of colleagues.
    Nothing beats a personalized face-to-face conversation and a phone call is second best. This will provide you with an opportunity to strengthen your relationships with your colleagues, as well as hear objections or answer questions about the Challenge.
  3. Have partners solicit partners & associates solicit associates.
    People feel most comfortable being solicited by their peers. Having a partner and associate on board as a formal or informal representative for the Challenge can provide leverage and remove any tension that might exist because of office politics.
  4. Hand out USD School of Law give-a-ways.
    Gifts are available for distribution from the Development Office. We have items such as USD School of Law coffee mugs, pens and notepads.
  5. Schedule a visit from USD School of Law.
    Schedule a breakfast or a lunch for your colleagues to hear from the Dean of USD School of Law about the school and our upcoming activities.
  6. Plan a happy hour celebration.
    When your firm/company/organization wins, invite your USD School of Law colleagues to O'Toole's on campus for drinks. This can be a good opportunity to get to know one another and celebrate your victory.

Have other ideas or want help implementing these ideas?

For more information, please contact:

(619) 260-4692