Pregnant and Parenting Students

Consistent with our mission and Catholic identity, the University of San Diego acknowledges the importance of supporting pregnant and parenting students by addressing their special needs and assisting them in completing their studies.

The University of San Diego has a variety of services available to pregnant and parenting students. Below is more specific information for pregnant and parenting law students.


The Office for Law Student Affairs, working in close collaboration with the Disability and Learning Differences Resource Center and Title IX Office, is committed to assisting students in need of pregnancy-related accommodations. For temporary, pregnancy-related accommodations, please contact the Office for Law Student Affairs to discuss your individual needs.

Minor Children in Law School Classes

To ensure a productive and safe learning environment, the School of Law does not permit minor children (except university registered students) to be present in classes on a frequent or continuing basis.

Enrolled students may have instances when they must bring their minor child to a class because of an emergency situation where other options are impractical or impossible; this is permissible only in specific, approved circumstances. Students who wish to bring their minor child into class due to an emergency situation must obtain advance approval from the faculty member responsible for the classroom. These requests should occur only on those occasions when alternative arrangements are impractical or impossible, and alternatives such as recording a particular session (with faculty permission) should be considered. If, in the view of the faculty member responsible for the class, a minor child is disruptive, the parent or guardian must remove the child from the situation. Students may not bring minor children to classrooms on days of examinations.

Any time a minor child is brought to campus, parents and guardians must ensure that they are appropriately supervised, and parents and guardians are responsible and liable for any and all injuries or damages sustained to or by their minor child.