What is One & Done?

USD's One & Done campaign is a holistic approach to bar exam planning and preparation. We are confident that all USD law students can pass the bar exam on the first attempt if they remain engaged in bar exam planning throughout their time as law students and complete their bar exam review courses during the preparation period.

The School of Law launched the One & Done campaign to encourage active, consistent student engagement in bar exam planning and preparation through curricular offerings and informational programming, including:

  • The One & Done Checklist: a year-by-year approach to bar exam planning
  • USD's Multistate Bar Exam Review course
  • USD's Fundamentals of Bar Exam Writing course
  • Year-specific informational and Q&A workshops
  • Substantive and skills lectures on a variety of bar exam topics
  • On-campus Live Scan fingerprinting and passport photos
  • One-on-one bar planning appointments to answer individual bar-related questions

The One & Done campaign will only be successful if USD law students take advantage of its informational and curricular offerings, and take personal responsibility by completing their bar exam review courses during the preparation period.

Do it once, do it right – be One & Done!

One & Done is administered by the Director of Academic Success and Bar Programs in coordination with the Assistant Dean for Law Student Affairs.

For questions about One & Done or bar exam preparation, contact lawacademicsuccess@sandiego.edu.