Why Is One & Done Important?

Doing your best to succeed on your first attempt at the bar exam is critically important—not only for your immediate career goals and future professional prospects, but for many other reasons, including:

Financial Cost

  • Taking the bar exam is an expensive endeavor, so consider all of the costs associated with taking it multiple times
  • Consider also the potential cost of bar preparation programs and tutors you may employ in subsequent attempts, as well as cost of living expenses you will need in order to study for several additional months

Repeat Taker Challenges

  • While repeat takers can be successful after their first attempt at the bar exam, the pass rate is significantly lower for repeat attempts
  • It can be hard, though not impossible, to get back into the right mindset after an unsuccessful attempt

Lost Opportunities

  • Graduates who have secured post-bar jobs have the potential to lose their employment offer should they fail to pass the bar exam
  • Graduates who have not secured post-bar employment must postpone their job search in order to study again
  • Time is money, so delayed admission to the bar could cause a loss of financial and other opportunities