Application for Moral Character Determination

You must submit your Application for Moral Character Determination online at the State Bar's website. The determination process can take as long as six to nine months. Students are encouraged to begin their application no later than Thanksgiving break of their final year. The application requires a great amount of detailed information, so it is vital to begin the process early. The full list of requirements is available online at the State Bar of California's website, as is important information to review prior to beginning your application and, if applicable, rehabilitation factors that may be considered when evaluating applicants.

Note: Criminal history is part of the moral character determination, as is your student record while at USD.

Students are encouraged to submit their applications no later than the fall semester of their final year at USD School of Law.

If during the admissions process you failed to disclose a misdemeanor, felony or other required information, you must contact the Assistant Dean for Law Student Affairs immediately to set up an appointment to discuss your options.

Assistant Dean for Law Student Affairs
(619) 260-4651