​Academic Success & Bar Programs

Academic Success Fellows

An upper-division academic success fellow for each first year class—in most cases, someone who took the class previously with the same professor, did very well in the class, and attends the class again with you—will be available to help you develop effective law school study skills. The academic success fellows hold weekly office hours, open to all first year students. The office hour schedule is posted online and the bulletin board outside the Academic Success Resource Center, at Warren Hall room 206. Be sure to check the bulletin board weekly for any changes or cancellations.

Study Skills Workshops

Workshops on such topics as "Outlining" and "Final Exam Preparation" are presented throughout the semester. The workshops are specifically designed for first year students and are led by the academic success fellows for your section. Workshop descriptions and dates for each section are posted online or see the bulletin board located outside of Warren Hall room 206.

Class-Specific Handouts

For each first year class, academic success fellows prepare hypotheticals and quizzes that you can use on your own or in your own study groups each week to help you master the material. These handouts are available on TWEN starting a week or two after classes begin. Instructions for accessing TWEN are posted online, as well as on the bulletin board located outside of Warren Hall room 206.

Academic Success Resource Center

Available to all students, the Academic Success Resource Center (ASRC) offers free use of popular supplements for a variety of first year, upper-division, and bar preparation courses. Located in Warren Hall room 206, these materials are available for check-out for up to three days at a time, and you can come back as often as you need. Additionally, there are free digital versions of many helpful supplements available online through the law library. Be sure to click on "Law School Study Aids."

Individual Academic Counseling

The Director of Academic Success & Bar Programs is available to meet with students regarding study strategies, exam preparation and bar preparation planning. Email lawacademicsuccess@sandiego.edu to make an appointment.

Study Groups

In the fall, a small number of students will be invited to join study groups run by the academic success fellows. The goal of study groups during the fall semester is to assist in creating an equal opportunity for academic development and excellence for participating students. Invitations to participate are issued based on a holistic admissions file review conducted by the Director of Academic Success & Bar Programs. Typically, study groups are composed of those most in need based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Writing ability based on LSAT writing sample
  • Distance from home or last residence
  • Culturally underrepresented in the legal profession
  • Low income background
  • First generation in college
  • Entering LSAT or GPA
  • Educationally disadvantaged
  • Physically or learning disabled
  • Non-traditional students
  • Students affected by bias

Over the years we have learned that, without early intervention, it can take weeks or months for some students affected by the factors above to thrive in the law school environment. While we cannot factor in or out every advantage or disadvantage, our goal is to level the playing field to the extent possible for all students during their first semester of law school. Once fall semester grades are available, spring semester study groups are formed (again, led by academic success fellows) based on law school grades.

  • What type of supplements are available?
  • What is the checkout procedure?
  • What if the ASRC doesn't have a supplement you are looking for?