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This page features a collection of curated articles and papers exploring the complex questions of law, policy, and ethics arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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2023Albertsen, AndreasCovid-19 and age discrimination: benefit maximization, fairness, and justified age-based rationing26 Med Health Care and Philos 3
2023Bronheim, Rachel S.; Humbyrd, Casey JoCOVID-19 and the orthopaedic surgeon: who gets redeployed?49 J. Med. Ethics 3
2023Dahlquist, Marcus; Kugelberg, Henrik D.Public justification and expert disagreement over non-pharmaceutical interventions for the COVID-19 pandemic49 J. Med. Ethics 9
2022Albertsen, AndreasA vaccine tax: ensuring a more equitable global vaccine distribution48 J. Med. Ethics 658
2022Kraaijeveld, Steven R.; Gur-Arie, Rachel; Jamrozik, EuzebiuszAgainst COVID-19 vaccination of healthy childrenBioethics (forthcoming)
2022Spector-Bagdady, Kayte; Lynch, Holly Fernandez; Bierer, Barbara E.; Gelinas, Luke; Hull, Sara Chandros; Magnus, David; Meyer, Michelle N.; Sharp, Richard R.; Sugarman, Jeremy; Wilfond, Benjamin S.; Yearby, Ruqaiijah; Mohapatra, SeemaAllocation of Opportunities to Participate in Clinical Trials during the Covid-19 Pandemic and Other Public Health Emergencies52 Hastings Ctr. Rep. 51
2022Rothstein, Mark A.Covid Vaccine Mandates and Religious Accommodation in Employment52 Hastings Ctr. Rep. 8
2022Schuman, Olivia; Robertson-Preidler, Joelle; Bibler, Trevor M.COVID-19 vaccination status should not be used in triage tie-breaking48 J. Med. Ethics 776
2022Cabiedes-Miragaya, Laura; Galende-Domínguez, InésCOVID-19 vaccines: a look at the ethics of the clinical research involving children48 J. Med. Ethics 666
2022Jecker, Nancy S.; Au, Derrick K. S.Does Zero-COVID neglect health disparities?48 J. Med. Ethics 169
2022Parker, William F.; Persad, Govind; Peek, Monica E.Errors in Converting Principles to Protocols: Where the Bioethics of U.S. Covid-19 Vaccine Allocation Went Wrong52 Hastings Ctr. Rep. 8
2022Kowalik, MichaelEthics of vaccine refusal48 J. Med. Ethics 240
2022Chang, Benjamin Kah Wai; Matthews, PiaHow is COVID-19 changing the ways doctors make end-of-life decisions?48 J. Med. Ethics 941
2022Ganguli-Mitra, Agomoni; Qureshi, Kaveri; Curry, Gwenetta D.; Meer, NasarJustice and the racial dimensions of health inequalities: A view from COVID-1936 Bioethics 252
2022Ricci, Meghan Learning From South Korea's Covid-19 Response: Why Centralizing the United States Public Health System Is Essential for Future Pandemic Responses12 Seattle J. Tech., Envtl. & Innovation L. 123
2022Cato, Susumu; Inoue, AkiraLibertarian approaches to the COVID-19 pandemicBioethics (forthcoming)
2022Kärki, KaisaListening to vaccine refusers25 Med., Health Care, & Phil. 3
2022Coggon, JohnLord Sumption and the values of life, liberty and security: before and since the COVID-19 outbreak48 J. Med. Ethics 779
2022Curran, Emma J.; John, Stephen D.Must We Vaccinate the Most Vulnerable? Efficiency, Priority, and Equality in the Distribution of VaccinesJ. Applied Phil. (forthcoming)
2022Reiss, DoritNo right answer: officials need discretion on whether to allow natural immunity exemptions48 J. Med. Ethics 380
2022Nielsen, LassePandemic prioritarianism48 J. Med. Ethics 236
2022Reese, Alexander; Pies, IngoPaying people for getting vaccinated? A favorable solution for both vaccine-hesitant persons and the publicBioethics (forthcoming)
2022Appel, Jacob M.Personal responsibility and transplant revisited: A case for assigning lower priority to American vaccine refusersBioethics (forthcoming)
2022Thumma, Samuel A.; Reinkensmeyer, Marcus W.Post-Pandemic Recommendations: Covid-19 Continuity of Court Operations During a Public Health Emergency Workgroup75 SMU L. Rev. Forum 1
2022Schmidt, Harald; Roberts, Dorothy E.; Eneanya, Nwamaka D.Rationing, racism and justice: advancing the debate around ‘colourblind’ COVID-19 ventilator allocation48 J. Med. Ethics 126
2022LeRoy, Michael H.Refusing Work to Avoid Serious Injury or Death: An Empirical Study of Legal Protections Before and During Covid-1949 Pepp. L. Rev. 1
2022Gostin, Lawrence O.; Wetter, SarahRisk Trade-Offs and Equitable Decision-Making in the Covid-19 Pandemic52 Hastings Ctr. Rep.15
2022Asua, Diego Real de; Fins, Joseph J.Should healthcare workers be prioritised during the COVID-19 pandemic? A view from Madrid and New York48 J. Med. Ethics 397
2022Sawyer, Kevin D.Summer of Blood: Voyage Through San Quentin State Prison's Covid-19 Outbreak46 Harbinger 8
2022Gordijn, Bert; Have, Henk tenTackling vaccine refusal25 Med., Health Care, & Phil. 1
2022Kana, Lulia; Shuman, Andrew; Vries, Raymond De; Firn, JaniceTaking the burden off: a study of the quality of ethics consultation in the time of COVID-19
2022Shelton, Clifford; El-Boghdadly, Kariem; Appleby, John B.The ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ of personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic: the ethics of emerging inequalities amongst healthcare workers48 J. Med. Ethics 653
2022Larkin, Paul J.; Badger, Doug The First General Federal Vaccination Requirement: The Osha Emergency Temporary Standard for Covid-19 Vaccinations6 ALR Accord 375
2022Puaschunder, Julia Gelter, MartinThe Law, Economics, and Governance of Generation Covid-19 Long-Haul19 Ind. Health L. Rev. 47
2022Pugh, Jonathan; Savulescu, Julian; Brown, Rebecca C. H.; Wilkinson, DominicThe unnaturalistic fallacy: COVID-19 vaccine mandates should not discriminate against natural immunity48 J. Med. Ethics 371
2022Jecker, Nancy S.; Lederman, ZoharThree for me and none for you? An ethical argument for delaying COVID-19 boosters48 J. Med. Ethics 662
2022Guevara, Dr. AngélicaTo Be, or Not to Be, Will Long Covid Be Reasonably Accommodated Is the Question23 Minn. J.L. Sci. & Tech. 253
2022Kodama, Satoshi; Campbell, Michael; Tanaka, Miho; Inoue, YusukeUnderstanding Japan’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic48 J. Med. Ethics 173
2022Wheelock, Ana; Ives, JonathanVaccine confidence, public understanding and probity: time for a shift in focus?48 J. Med. Ethics 250
2022Wheelock, Ana; Ives, JonathanVaccine confidence, public understanding and probity: time for a shift in focus?48 J. Med. Ethics 250
2022Williams, BridgetVaccine mandates need a clear rationale to identify which exemptions are appropriate48 J. Med. Ethics 384
2022Michaels, Jonathan AnthonyValue assessment frameworks: who is valuing the care in healthcare?
2022Ferguson, Roy Viral in a Pandemic: Lawyercat and the Future of Remote Proceedings39 No. 1 GPSolo 57
2022Goschke, Alaina Virtual Learning in a Pandemic and Its Effects on Lower-Income Students: How the Education Gap Is Widening Beyond Repair19 Ind. Health L. Rev. 157
2022Cederblom, Michael L.Welcome to the Digital Age: Reinventing Contact Tracing and the Public Health Service Act for a Modern Pandemic Response31 Annals Health L. & Life Sci. 101
2022Jecker, Nancy S.What money can’t buy: an argument against paying people to get vaccinated48 J. Med. Ethics 362
2022Ferguson, KyleWho commits the unnaturalistic fallacy?48 J. Med. Ethics 382
2022Lipsitch, MarcWrong question and the wrong standard of proof48 J. Med. Ethics 378
2022Schaefer, G. OwenZero COVID and health inequities: lessons from Singapore48 J. Med. Ethics 174
2021Hall, Mark A.; Studdert, David M.“Vaccine Passport” Certification — Policy and Ethical Considerations385 New Eng. J. Med. 32
2021Berkowitz, Ariel (Un)Masking the Truth - the Cruel and Unusual Punishment of Prisoners Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic37 Touro L. Rev. 347
2021Altman, Matthew C.A Consequentialist Argument for Considering Age in Triage Decisions during the Coronavirus Pandemic35 Bioethics 356
2021MacAlister, James K.MDA Medical View of Covid-19 and Workers' Compensation2021 Trial Rep. (Md.) 38
2021A patent waiver on COVID vaccines is right and fairNature, May 25, 2021
2021Travis, Michelle A.A Post-Pandemic Antidiscrimination Approach to Workplace Flexibility64 Wash. U. J.L. & Pol'y 203
2021Sonneborn, Suzanne A Teachable Moment100-DEC Mich. B.J. 20
2021Farringer, Deborah R.A Telehealth Explosion: Using Lessons From the Pandemic to Shape the Future of Telehealth Regulation9 Tex. A&M L. Rev. 1
2021Gibbs, Jeffrey N.; Javitt, Gail H.A Test of the Emergency (Use Authorization) System: Challenges in Fda Regulation of Covid-19 Diagnostics76 Food & Drug L.J. 398
2021Fang, Katherine Perler, RachelAbortion in the Time of Covid-19: Telemedicine Restrictions and the Undue Burden Test32 Yale J.L. & Feminism 134
2021Oke, Emmanuel KolawoleAccess to Covid-19 Vaccines, Patent Rights, and the Trips Agreement36 Md. J. Int'l L. 7
2021Muranaka, Carol K.Access to Justice and the Time of Covid25-DEC Haw. B.J. 16
2021Carnahan, Douglas G.Access to Justice in a Time of Covid51 Sw. L. Rev. 91
2021de Vlas, Sake J.; Coffeng, Luc E.Achieving herd immunity against COVID-19 at the country level by the exit strategy of a phased lift of control11 Sci. Rep. 4445
2021Persad, GovindAgainst Exclusive Survivalism: Preventing Lost Life and Protecting the Disadvantaged in Resource Allocation51 Hastings Ctr. Rep. 47
2021Persad, Govind Allocating Medicine Fairly in an Unfair Pandemic2021 U. Ill. L. Rev. 1085
2021Sprengholz, Philipp; Korn, Lars; Eitze, Sarah; Betsch, CorneliaAllocation of COVID-19 Vaccination: When Public Prioritisation Preferences Differ from Official Regulations47 J. Med. Ethics 452
2021Manwarring, Jane America's New Death Sentence: Lack of Action to Protect Incarcerated People From Covid-19 Amounts to Cruel and Unusual Punishment29 Am. U. J. Gender Soc. Pol'y & L. 495
2021Parasidis, Efthimios Berman, Micah L. ; Zettler, Patricia J.Assessing Covid-19 Emergency Use Authorizations76 Food & Drug L.J. 441
2021Savulescu, Julian; Pugh, Jonathan; Wilkinson, DominicBalancing incentives and disincentives for vaccination in a pandemic27 Nature Med. 1500
2021Cruz, Victor Businesses Impacted by Covid-19: Liability Shields Are Not the Answer43 U. La Verne L. Rev. 50
2021Hunter, Dawn M.; Lawton, Betsy Centering Racial Equity: Disparities Task Forces as a Strategy to Ensure an Equitable Pandemic Response14 St. Louis U. J. Health L. & Pol'y 251
2021Brown, Virginia A.Centering Social Justice for COVID-19 Resources and Research51 Hastings Ctr. Rep. 51
2021Brierley, Joe; Archard, David; Cave, EmmaChallenging Misconceptions about Clinical Ethics Support during COVID-19 and Beyond: A Legal Update and Future Considerations47 J. Med. Ethics 549
2021Weinberg, Anita ; Valdez, LiliaChild Welfare, Reasonable Efforts, and Covid-1941 Child. Legal Rts. J. 162
2021Clinicians Reflect on Covid-19: Lessons Learned and Looking Beyond28 Clinical L. Rev. 15
2021Powell, Catherine Color of Covid and Gender of Covid: Essential Workers, Not Disposable People33 Yale J.L. & Feminism 1
2021Conclusions and Recommendations of the Project on the World Health Organization and the Need for Post-Covid-19 Reform20 Wash. U. Global Stud. L. Rev. 687
2021Robinson, Daniel Confrontation During Covid: A Fundamental Right, Virtually Guaranteed12 U. Miami Race & Soc. Just. L. Rev. 115
2021Becknell, Conan Constitutional Law--Fourth Amendment Search and Seizure--Online Schools During a Pandemic: Fourth Amendment Implications When the State Requires Your Child to Turn on the Camera and Microphone Inside Your Home44 U. Ark. Little Rock L. Rev. 161
2021Kugler, Matthew B.; Oliver, Mariana Constitutional Pandemic Surveillance111 J. Crim. L. & Criminology 909
2021Farrow, Taylor Contact Tracing: Where We Were, Where We Are, Where We Are Going. The Influence 19 Rutgers J. L. & Pub. Pol'y 121
2021Hershkoff, Helen ; Miller, Arthur R.Courts and Civil Justice in the Time of Covid: Emerging Trends and Questions to Ask23 N.Y.U. J. Legis. & Pub. Pol'y 321
2021Giorlando, Philip J.Covid Conflicts: Federal Courts Disagree on Religious Exemptions to Vaccine Mandates69 La. B.J. 320
2021Covid passports: How do they work around the world?BBC News, July 26, 2021
2021Perlstein, Olivia C.Covid Research Inequalities: Highlighting the Need for Increased Minority Participation in Clinical Trials52 Seton Hall L. Rev. 545
2021Ramjee, Divya ; Sanderson, Pollyanna ; Malek, ImranCovid-19 and Digital Contact Tracing: Regulating the Future of Public Health Surveillance2021 Cardozo L. Rev. de novo 101
2021Andalman, Elliott D.; Casciano, Peter ; DeGioia, MatthewCovid-19 and Disability Claims: What to Know2021 Trial Rep. (Md.) 32
2021Covid-19 and International Economic Law Issues and and Annotated Bibliography24 Currents: J. Int'l Econ. L. 81
2021Asay, Clark D.; Bair, Stephanie PlamondonCovid-19 and Its Impact(S) on Innovation2021 Utah L. Rev. 805
2021Greenwald, Carol SchiroCovid-19 and Its Lasting Impact on the Legal Profession93-DEC N.Y. St. B.J. 8
2021COVID-19 and mandatory vaccination: Ethical considerations and caveatsWHO, Apr. 13, 2021
2021Tsuji, Dr. YuichiroCovid-19 and the Law: How Can Governments Ensure That Citizens Fulfill Their Obligations? A Look Into Japanese Law16 Health L. & Pol'y Brief 20
2021Spece, Roy G., Jr. Covid-19 Control: Disrupting Doctor-Patient Relationships100 Neb. L. Rev. 150
2021Lee, Kyungdo; Eyal, NirCOVID-19 Controlled Human Infection Studies: Worries about Local Community Impact and Demands for Local Engagement47 J. Med. Ethics 539
2021Panocchia, Nicola; D'ambrosio, Viola; Corti, Serafino; Presti, Eluisa Lo; Bertelli, Marco; Scattoni, Maria Luisa; Ghelma, FilippoCOVID-19 Pandemic, the Scarcity of Medical Resources, Community-Centred Medicine and Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities47 J. Med. Ethics 362
2021Tsuji, Dr. YuichiroCovid-19 Vaccination in Japan: Remedies for Injured Patients16 Health L. & Pol'y Brief 40
2021Dye, Christopher; Mills, Melinda C. COVID-19 vaccination passports371 Science 1184
2021Little, Deirdre T.; S̆eman, Elvis I.; Walsh, Anna L.Covid-19 Vaccination: Guidance for Ethical, Informed Consent in a National Context36 Issues L. & Med. 127
2021Osama, Tasnime; Razai, Mohammad S.; Majeed, AzeemCovid-19 vaccine passports: access, equity, and ethics373 Brit. Med. J. n861
2021Friesen, Phoebe; Caplan, Arthur L; Miller, Jennifer ECOVID-19 vaccine research and the trouble with clinical equipoise397 Lancet 576
2021Johnson, Kimberly Covid-19: Isolating the Problems in Privacy Protection for Individuals With Substance Use Disorder2021 U. Chi. Legal F. 467
2021Fulton, Neil Covid, Constitution, Individualism, and Death27 Widener L. Rev. 123
2021Mehta, Anuj B.; Wynia, Matthew K.Crisis Standards of Care—More Than Just a Thought Experiment?51 Hastings Ctr. Rep. 53
2021Brockmann, Elana LernerData Privacy Concerns Regarding Covid-19 Contact Tracing Apps and Implications for the Field of Cybersecurity2021 B.C. Intell. Prop. & Tech. F. 1
2021Vukovich, Mary Deprivation of the Right to Counsel for Federal Pretrial Detainees During the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Pandemic54 UIC L. Rev. 695
2021Cook, Tim; Gupta, Kim; Dyer, Chris; Fackrell, Robin; Wexler, Sarah; Boyes, Heather; Colleypriest, Ben; Graham, Richard; Meehan, Helen; Merritt, Sarah; Robinson, Derek; Marden, BernieDevelopment of a Structured Process for Fair Allocation of Critical Care Resources in the Setting of Insufficient Capacity: A Discussion Paper47 J. Med. Ethics 456
2021Gostin, Lawrence O.; Cohen, I. Glenn; Shaw, JanaDigital Health Passes in the Age of COVID-19: Are “Vaccine Passports” Lawful and Ethical? 325 JAMA 1933
2021Powers, George M.; Frieden, Lex ; Nguyen, VinhDisability, Access, and Other Considerations: A Title Ii Framework for a Pandemic Crisis Response (Covid-19)14 St. Louis U. J. Health L. & Pol'y 345
2021Swanson, Joshua A.Do Not Boast About Tomorrow: Lessons We Can Learn From Today's Covid-19 Court Cases to Prepare for Future Disasters96 N.D. L. Rev. 207
2021Teizazu, Hawi ; Sommer, Marni; Gruer, Caitlin; Giffen, David; Davis, Lindsey; Frumin, Rachel; Hopper, KimDo We Not Bleed? Sanitation, Menstrual Management, and Homelessness in the Time of Covid41 Colum. J. Gender & L. 208
2021Carney, Todd Does IP Law Allow for Exploitation During a Pandemic?4 Wayne St. U. J. Bus. L. 101
2021Maxwell, Katelynn Easing Medical Device Regulatory Oversight: The FDA and Testing Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic47 Am. J.L. & Med. 291
2021Bodie, Matthew T.; McMahon, Michael Employee Testing, Tracing, and Disclosure as a Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic64 Wash. U. J.L. & Pol'y 31
2021Francis, Leslie P.Employees With Intellectual Disabilities During the Covid-19 Pandemic: New Directions for Disability Anti-Discrimination Law?74 Okla. L. Rev. 1
2021Orentlicher, Diane Ensuring Access to Accurate Information and Combatting Misinformation About Pandemics36 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 1067
2021Holcombe, Kate Ensuring Non-Discrimination in the Context of Covid-19 Triage Protocols36 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 1053
2021Gupta, Rohit; Morain, Stephanie R.Ethical Allocation of Future COVID-19 Vaccines47 J. Med. Ethics 137
2021Bruno, Bethany; Shalowitz, David I.; Arora, Kavita ShahEthical Challenges for Women’s Healthcare Highlighted by the COVID-19 Pandemic47 J. Med. Ethics 69
2021Berlinger, Nancy; Wynia, Matthew; Powell, Tia; Milliken, Aimee; Khatri, Parinda; Marouf, Fatma; Ray, Keisha; Crane, JohannaEthical Challenges in the Middle Tier of Covid-19 Vaccine Allocation:Hastings Ctr., Jan. 15, 2021
2021DeVita, Michael A.; Parker, Lisa S.Ethics Supports Seeking Population Immunity, Not Immunizing Priority GroupsHastings Ctr., Jan. 26, 2021
2021Miller, Seumas; Smith, MarcusEthics, Public Health and Technology Responses to COVID-1935 Bioethics 366
2021Troxler, McKala Evaluating the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Students With Disabilities50 J.L. & Educ. 362
2021Iwry, Jonathan L.FDA Emergency Use Authorization from 9/11 to Covid-19: Historical Lessons and Ethical Challenges76 Food & Drug L.J. 337
2021Hemel, Daniel Four Futures for U.S. Pandemic Policy2021 U. Chi. Legal F. 145
2021McMahon, AislingGlobal Equitable Access to Vaccines, Medicines and Diagnostics for COVID-19: The Role of Patents as Private Governance47 J. Med. Ethics 142
2021Savulescu, Julian; Giubilini, Alberto; Danchin, MargieGlobal Ethical Considerations Regarding Mandatory Vaccination in Children231 J. Pediatrics 10
2021Afilalo, Ari ; Burns, BrittanyGlobal Pandemic and International Crisis17 Rutgers Bus. L. Rev. 2
2021Savulescu, JulianGood Reasons to Vaccinate: Mandatory or Payment for Risk?47 J. Med. Ethics 78
2021Meadows, Olivia Gordon v. State Bar of California: Test Takers With Disabilities Sue State Bar of California for Forcing Them to Test In-Person During the Covid-19 Pandemic47 Am. J.L. & Med. 138
2021Uzdavines, Marilyn L.Health Care in the Time of Covid-19: Stark Law Temporary Waivers Make the Case for Permanent Stark Law Reform18 Ind. Health L. Rev. 57
2021Benjamin, Georges C.Health Equity and the Public Health Code of Ethics: Rebuilding Trust from the COVID-19 Pandemic21 Am. J. Bioethics 8
2021Bianchi, Alberto B.; Sacristán, Estela B.Health v. Individual Freedom: Is That the Question? (A Re-Examination of Reasonable Scrutiny During Covid-19)27 Sw. J. Int'l L. 227
2021Zimmerman, Richard K.Helping patients with ethical concerns about COVID-19 vaccines in light of fetal cell lines used in some COVID-19 vaccines39 Vaccine 4242
2021Coto, Ariel F.Hero and Villain: The Defense Production Act in the Era of Covid-1951 Sw. L. Rev. 156
2021Nash, Jennifer C.Home Is Where the Birth Is: Race, Risk, and Labor During Covid-1932 Yale J.L. & Feminism 103
2021Wilburn, Thomas; Harris, RichardHow Herd Immunity Works — And What Stands In Its WayNPR, Feb. 18, 2021
2021Renault, MarionHow patient data underpin COVID-19 research27 Nature Med. 1486
2021Martinez, William ChanesHow to Get Away With Immunity: FDA's Emergency Use Authorization Scheme and Prep Act Liability Protection in the Context of Covid -1933 Loy. Consumer L. Rev. 128
2021Bhatt, Vivek; Michalowski, Sabine; Wyllie, Aaron; Kuylen, Margot; Martin, WayneHuman Rights and COVID-19 Triage: A Comment on the Bath Protocol47 J. Med. Ethics 464
2021Murphy, Amber Hybrid Film Distribution: How Warner Brothers Changed the Way We See Films in the Covid-19 Era46 T. Marshall L. Rev. 115
2021Filip, Kaitlyn Albrecht, KatIncluding, but Not Limited to, Personal Injury, Disability and Death: The Problems of University Liability Waivers for Covid-19 Protections31-FALL Kan. J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 89
2021Teichman, Doron Underhill, KristenInfected by Bias: Behavioral Science and the Legal Response to Covid-1947 Am. J.L. & Med. 205
2021Donovan, Kevin PhilipInfecting Constitutional Precedent: An Analysis of Federal Intrastate Quarantine Power Through the Lens of the Covid-19 Pandemic59 Hous. L. Rev. 431
2021Paradise, Jordan Information Opacity in Biopharmaceutical Innovation Through the Lens of Covid-1947 Am. J.L. & Med. 157
2021Allan-Blitz, Lao-TzuIs It Ethical to Mandate SARS-CoV-2 Vaccinations among Incarcerated Persons?Am. J. Bioethics (forthcoming)
2021LeBrun, Daniel Keeping the Lights on Through Dark Times: How Subchapter v Bankruptcy Should Protect Small Businesses Decimated by the Pandemic37 Touro L. Rev. 1575
2021Sandoval, Catherine J.K.; Cain, Patricia A.; Diamond, Stephen F.; Hammond, Allen S.; Love, Jean C.; Smith, Stephen E.; Nabipour, SolmazLegal Education During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Put Health, Safety and Equity First61 Santa Clara L. Rev. 367
2021Harris, Amanda ; Gray, Brittíni “Ree Belle” ; Walker, Ciearra; Castellanos, Melinique Wall Lessons Learned From Community-Driven Responsiveness During Covid-1914 St. Louis U. J. Health L. & Pol'y 429
2021Reiss, Dorit; Caplan, Arthur Let Employers Mandate VaccinesBarron's, Feb. 12, 2021
2021Howard, Maria; Kohlmeier, Pamela S.Liability in the Time of Coronavirus: The Ethical Necessity of Expanding the Legal Protections Afforded to Healthcare Workers During the Covid-19 Pandemic36 Issues L. & Med. 163
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2021Schölin, Lisa; Connolly, Moira; Morgan, Graham; Dunlop, Laura; Deshpande, Mayura; Chopra, ArunLimits of Remote Working: The Ethical Challenges in Conducting Mental Health Act Assessments during COVID-1947 J. Med. Ethics 603
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2021Kahn, Rob My Face, My Choice?--Mask Mandates, Bans, and Burqas in the Covid Age14 N.Y.U. J. L. & Liberty 651
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2021Matsui, Shigenori Pandemic: Covid-19 and the Public Health Emergency38 Ariz. J. Int'l & Comp. L. 139
2021Saez, Macarena Pandemics and the Disproportionate Impact on Vulnerable Groups36 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 1097
2021Ohlin, Jens DavidPandemics, Quarantines, Utility, and Dignity2021 Mich. St. L. Rev. 539
2021Peters, Najarian Parallel Pandemics: The American Problem of Anti-Enforcement, Rational Distrust, and Covid-1952 Seton Hall L. Rev. 371
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2021Pennings, Susan; Symons, XavierPersuasion, not coercion or incentivisation, is the best means of promoting COVID-19 vaccination47 J. Med. Ethics 709
2021Brown, T. AndrewPlanning for a Just Post-Pandemic Future93-DEC N.Y. St. B.J. 5
2021Stone, Garret Please Unmute Yourselves, Court Is Now in Session--the Future of the Confrontation Clause Post-Covid-1911 Wake Forest J.L. & Pol'y: Sua Sponte 133
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