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Corporate Politcial Activism 5.0

Omari Simmons, Professor of Law at Wake Forest and Director of their Business Law Program, wrote a piece in JOTWELL (Journal of Things We Like Lots) about Regulatory Entrepreneurship (April 20, 2018)

Regulatory Entrepreneurship by Elizabeth Pollman and Jordan Barry provides a must-read thought provoking descriptive account of how certain companies influence and shape regulation in the modern economy. In short, “regulatory entrepreneurship” describes companies’ attempts to dismantle, weaken, and exploit gray areas in the preexisting regulatory architecture that impede a particular line of business. With clear illustrations the article sheds new light on the tactics employed by some of today’s fastest growing companies such as Uber and Airbnb to surmount regulatory obstacles.

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VIEWS: Can law and policy promote a culture of innovation?

The Times of India cited and discussed Regulatory Entrepreneurship in an April 13, 2018 article.

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Regulatory Entrepreneurship named to The Top 10 Corporate and Securities Articles of 2017

Regulatory Entrepreneurship by Elizabeth Pollman and Jordan M. Barry

The Corporate Practice Commentator is pleased to announce the results of its twenty-fourth annual poll to select the ten best corporate and securities articles.  Teachers in corporate and securities law were asked to select the best corporate and securities articles from a list of articles published and indexed in legal journals during 2017.  More than 565 articles were on this year’s list.

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Regulatory Doughnuts and FX Fees

Matt Levine talked about Regulatory Entrepreneurship in his Bloomberg News column (November 28, 2017).

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Do C.D.O.'s Have Social Value?

Room for Debate Blog, The New York Times

NEW YORK (April 27, 2010) – Professor Frank Partnoy published an opinion piece for The New York Times arguing that Collateralized Debt Obligations, the complex financial products at the center of the financial crisis, are of little or no social value. He explained why financial innovation is dangerous, argued that current innovations are not as new as most people think, and pointed out several important legal reforms that are not part of current financial proposals.

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Credit Default Swaps As Viable Substitutes for Credit Ratings

PHILADELPHIA (April 21-22, 2010) – Professor Frank Partnoy presented "Credit Default Swaps As Viable Substitutes for Credit Ratings," a co-authored article forthcoming in The University of Pennsylvania Law Review, at the annual Institute for Law and Economic Policy conference, held this year in the Turks and Caicos.

Wall Street beware: the lawyers are coming

LONDON (April 19, 2010) – Professor Frank Partnoy published an opinion piece in the Financial Times assessing the recent case brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission against Goldman Sachs.

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Make Markets Be Markets

NEW YORK (March 3, 2010) – Professor Frank Partnoy gave an 8-minute presentation at the Roosevelt Institute's conference "Make Markets Be Markets," in New York City. Other presenters included Joseph Stiglitz, George Soros, and Elizabeth Warren. Partnoy's presentation, entitled "Off-Balance Sheet Transactions," has been widely distributed in the media and on blogs. It explains, in simple terms, how and why bank balance sheets are fiction.

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USD Securities Law Center Aims to Shape Economic Dialogue

by Pat Broderick, Los Angeles Daily Journal
SAN DIEGO (January 25, 2010) – Frank Partnoy, a professor of law and finance at the University of San Diego School of Law, hopes that his new Center for Corporate and Securities Law will help shape dialogue—both nationally and internationally—on the economy.

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USD Law Professor Frank Partnoy Interviewed on 60 Minutes

SAN DIEGO (May 17, 2009) – Today University of San Diego School of Law Professor Frank Partnoy was interviewed by Steve Kroft on CBSs 60 Minutes. Professor and financial expert Frank Partnoy says top executives and traders at AIG were earning salaries comparable to superstar athletes.

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USD Law Professor Frank Partnoy Interviewed on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

NEW YORK (May 12, 2009) – Professor Frank Partnoy was interviewed by Jon Stewart on Comedy Central's The Daily Show. Professor Partnoy discussed his latest book, The Match King: Ivar Kreuger, The Financial Genius Behind a Century of Wall Street Scandals. At the height of the roaring '20s, Swedish émigré Ivar Kreuger made a fortune raising money in America and loaning it to Europe in exchange for matchstick monopolies. His enterprise was a rare success story throughout the Great Depression. Yet after Kreuger's suicide in 1932, the true nature of his empire emerged. Driven by success to adopt ever-more perilous practices, Kreuger had turned to shell companies in tax havens, fudged accounting figures, off-balance-sheet accounting, even forgery. He created a raft of innovative financial products — many of them precursors to instruments wreaking havoc in today's markets. When his Wall Street empire collapsed, millions went bankrupt.

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