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Racing with the Legal Computation Machine at the Inaugural Center for Computation, Mathematics and the Law Workshop

by J.B Ruhl, Law 2050: A Forum about the Legal Future

SAN DIEGO (March 24, 2014) – I took a deep dive last week into the world of legal computation, to see just how far it has come, where it is going, and how transformative it will be as a force in legal thought and practice. I was provided this opportunity as a participant in the inaugural workshop of the University of San Diego Law School's new Center for Computation, Mathematics, and the Law (CCML). (Before going into the details, let me add that if one is going to attend a workshop, USD is one heck of a nice place to do it! To emphasize the point, and to highlight the impact the CCML already is having, the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law has selected USD as the site for its 2015 annual meeting.)

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