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Our centralized online job posting site, #HireUSDLaw, is an easy way to post positions for both students and alumni. Creating a #HireUSDLaw account enables you to receive and manage resumes and other application materials, free of charge. Please note, unless indicated otherwise, the default expiration for the postings is one month.

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To consider a recent graduate from the Class of 2021 for an associate or staff attorney position, please sign up to receive our Class of 2021 Recent Grad Resume Book.  We will periodically provide electronic delivery of resumes for your review. You can interview and hire candidates at your convenience. On-campus interviews at USD can also be arranged.

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USD Law’s Externship Program, also known as the Field Placement Program, allows employers at government agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporate legal departments to host students for externships in the fall, spring or summer semesters.  The students receive academic credit for part-time legal work performed under the supervision of an attorney at approved placement sites. They also enroll in a faculty taught course designed to enhance the placement experience. Employers benefit from the hands-on work of our students while providing a supervised, educational experience for the students.  

Students may extern at a government agency or a non-profit organization, as well as in the legal department of a corporation, company, or a business entity. The USD Law externship/field placement program does not allow for placements in private law firms or with private attorneys.   

Post an Externship on #HireUSDLaw

Each year, USD Law students engage in thousands of hours of pro bono service in the San Diego community and beyond. Through pro bono service, law students develop vital legal skills, obtain practical legal experience, and become lifelong volunteers as they recognize that pro bono work is an integral part of a legal career.

Through USD Law’s Pro Bono Program, law students are recognized for their commitment to pro bono service. Students who complete a minimum of 100 hours of pro bono service while in law school are awarded a certificate denoting their achievement. The USD Law Class of 2019 volunteered more than 11,000 hours while in law school.

How to Request Pro Bono Legal Assistance from a USD Law School Student

USD Law’s Office of Career and Professional Development shares new pro bono opportunities with students on a bi-weekly basis throughout the academic year. Pro bono opportunities are also posted on USD Law’s online job board - #HireUSDLaw.

Organizations engaged in public interest legal work, including nonprofit legal services organizations and governmental agencies, are invited to request pro bono project assistance from USD Law students.

Pro bono projects must meet the following criteria:

  1. Legal Component: The student must be engaged in law-related work.
  2. Attorney Supervision: The student must be supervised (either directly or indirectly) by a licensed attorney.
  3. Public Interest: The student must be engaged in legal work seeking to secure or protect civil rights, civil liberties or public rights, or for a charitable, religious, civic, community, governmental or educational organization on matters in furtherance of their organizational purposes. This work can include community legal education, client intake, case preparation, research and writing, and legislative or policy analysis.
  4. Uncompensated: Students may not receive any kind of compensation (including a community service grant) or academic credit for their work. (Hours in excess of those required to receive academic credit may qualify as pro bono service.)

New pro bono projects: If your organization has a new idea for a pro bono project, please submit a brief description of the project to lawcareers@sandiego.edu. (Please include in your brief description the type of work (direct services or research), whether it is remote work, and the timeframe for completion of the work.) He will be happy to speak with you to discuss project specifics and how best to promote the opportunity to qualified USD Law students.

Previously approved pro bono projects: If your organization has posted a pro bono project with USD Law in the past, you are welcome to post it again here.

Please send any questions and pro bono project postings to lawcareers@sandiego.edu.

Compensation, Non-Discrimination, Non-Harassment, and Recruiting Policies

Employers listing positions with the University of San Diego School of Law must agree to abide by the following:

Compensation Policy

We require any positions offered to law students at private law firms to be compensated at the legal hourly rate. Academic credit may not be earned by our students working at private law firms. Accordingly, we are unable to post or promote opportunities at private law firms as unpaid, volunteer, or for academic credit. Under USD Law's field placement program, externships/internships for academic credit are only approved for placements in non-profits, corporate counsel offices or government organizations. This policy is in accordance with applicable law and USD School of Law's academic policies and standards.

Non-Discrimination, Non-Harassment Policy

The University of San Diego School of Law prohibits unlawful discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, pregnancy, age, physical disability, mental disability, or other characteristic protected by federal or state law in the admission or status of students, in the hiring, promotion or supervision of faculty, staff or administrators, and in the administration of law school programs and procedures. The facilities and services of the Office of Career and Professional Development are only available to employers whose hiring and personnel practices are consistent with this policy.

The University of San Diego’s complete Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment can be found here. Candidates who believe employers have violated USD School of Law's non-discrimination policy have been instructed to contact the Office of Career and Professional Development.  

Recruiting Process

USD Law Office of Career and Professional Development endorses the new National Association of Legal Placement Professionals (NALP) Principles for a Fair and Ethical Recruitment Process.  We ask NALP employers to be aware of and voluntarily abide by the updated NALP Principles. In addition, the Office of Career and Professional Development has developed Best Practices for Recruiting documents for the various types of employers who participate in our recruiting programs.  Please email us at lawcareers@sandiego.edu to receive a copy of the applicable document. 

If you need assistance submitting a job posting, please contact:

(619) 260-4529