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About the Award

Sponsored by the University of San Diego School of Law Alumni Association Board of Directors, the Distinguished Alumni Award is the school's highest honor bestowed upon alumni.

The award is presented to law school alumni who have distinguished themselves in the legal field or other chosen profession at an exemplary level and who embody the high ethical standards and commitment to community service USD School of Law seeks to instill in its graduates.

Each spring, a nominating committee considers candidates for the award and a recipient or recipients are selected by the committee and then approved by the Law Alumni Association Board of Directors. To submit information on a prospective candidate, please email the Office of Alumni Relations or call (619) 260-4692.

In the fall of the same year, the award or awards are presented at a ceremonial luncheon honoring the recipient or recipients.

Since its inception in 1977, 87 law school alumni have received the Distinguished Alumni Award.

2021 Award Recipients

Past Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2020 Steven J. Cologne '84 (JD) (Watch bio video)
Kimberly M. Koro '86 (JD) (Watch bio video)
2019 Larry A. Burns '79 (JD) (Watch bio video)
David S. Casey Jr. '74 (JD) (Watch bio video)
2018 Carolyn M. Caietti '82 (BA), '86 (JD) (Watch bio video)
Knut S. Johnson '86 (JD) (Watch bio video)
2017 Angela Bartosik '93 (JD) (Watch bio video)
Ronson J. Shamoun '98 (BA), '02 (JD), '03 (LLM) (Watch bio video)
2016 Hon. Irma Poole Asberry '79 (Watch bio video)
Robert S. Brewer '75 (Watch bio video)
2015 Hon. Louisa S Porter, '77 (Watch bio video)
Michael J. Weaver, '73 (Watch bio video)
2014 John L. Morrell, '84 (Watch bio video)
Todd F. Stevens, '88 (Watch bio video)
2013 Hon. Lorna A. Alksne '92 (Watch bio video)
Patrick W. Martin '92 (Watch bio video)
2012 Hon. Robert J. Trentacosta, '79 (Watch bio video)
A. John Murphy, '75 (Watch bio video)
2011 Stephen P. Doyle, '84 (Watch bio video)
Hon. J. Richard Haden (ret.), '74 (Watch bio video)
2010 Julie D'Angelo Fellmeth, '83 (Watch bio video)
Michael T. Williams, '82 (Watch bio video)
2009 Vickie E. Turner, '82 (Watch bio video)
Hon. Michael D. Wellington, '71 (Watch bio video)
2008 Hon. Richard M. Aronson, '75 (Watch bio video)
Dennis J. Doucette, '86 (Watch bio video)
Lynne R. Lasry, '79 (Watch bio video)
2007 Hon. Patricia D. Benke, '74
Jack Wm. Hodges, '75
Michael J. Rider, '83
2006 G. Edward Arledge, '73
Thompson Fetter, '67
2005 James C. Krause, '75
Michael E. Shames, '83
2004 Alan K. Brubaker, '76
2003 Theodore J. Boutrous Jr., '87
Hon. Peter W. Bowie, '71
2002 John R. ("Jack") McGrory, '81
Gary W. Schons, '76
2001 Hon. Michael J. Streit, '75
Hon. Thomas J. Whelan, '65

Abby B. Silverman, '79

1999 Patricia A. McQuater, '78
1998 Hon. Frederic L. Link, '68
Michael T. Thorsnes, '68
1997 Kathleen G. McGuinness, '77
1996 Hon. Federico Castro, '71
1995 Hon. Steven R. Denton, '75
1994 Mary E. Harvey, '59*
1993 Hon. Richard D. Huffman (Honorary Degree)
Brian E. Michaels, '68
1992 Hon. David B. Moon Jr., '67
1991 Hon. H. Lawrence Garrett III, '72
1990 Josiah L. Neeper (Honorary Degree)
Virginia C. Nelson, '79
1989 Hon. H. Wesley Pratt, '79
1988 Sheldon Krantz, Former Dean and Professor of Law
1987 Award not presented this year
1986 Hon. G. Dennis Adams, '65
1985 Craig D. Higgs, '69
1984 Hon. Gilbert Nares, '67
Peter K. Nunez, '70
1983 Hon. Robert C. Baxley, '64
Hon. Joseph O. Littlejohn, '72
Maj. Gen. Edward J. Philbin, '65
1982 Robert F. Adelizzi, '63
Thomas H. Ault, '72
Hon. Victor E. Ramirez, '73
1981 Sister Sally M. Furay, '72
Hon. Napoleon A. Jones Jr., '71
Alex L. Landon, '71
1980 Nancy H. Ely-Raphel, '68
Hon. Susan P. Finlay, '72
Gerald L. McMahon, '64
1979 Hon. Robert J. Cooney, '58
Lynn A. Schenk, '70
Sen. Robert J. Wilson, '68
1978 Hon. Herbert Katz, '62
Hon. Judith N. Keep, '70
James A. Longtin, '62
Delroy M. Richardson, '69
Thomas E. Sharkey, '59
1977 Hon. Carlos A. Cazares, '66
Gerald L. McMahon, '64
Hon. Sheridan E. Reed, '70
Jane S. Wiegand, '71
D. Dwight Worden, '74