University of San Diego School of Law
Advocate Fall 2017 Issue


Harvey Levine Reception

New Scholarship Announced

In February 2017, USD School of Law hosted a reception at the San Diego Bar Association to honor the life and work of the late Harvey Levine…

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Revisiting a Landmark Case

In January 2017, the Honorable Carolyn M. Caietti, ’86 (JD), ’83 (BA); Reginald Dwayne Betts; and David Tanenhaus gave the Jane …

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On Wrongful Conviction

In January 2017, Community Defenders presented a seminar titled “How to Avoid/Void Wrongful Convictions.” Speakers included the …

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Analyzing “Our War”

In November 2016, Michael Ledeen (left) gave the Joan E. Bowes-James Madison Distinguished Speaker lecture and spoke on his new book, Field …

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Tribute to a Legendary Professor

Robert A. Stein, the Everett Fraser Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota Law School, spoke on the future of capital punishment in…

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