University of San Diego School of Law
Advocate Fall 2018 Issue

Faculty Footnotes

USD School of Law faculty are committed to advancing the study and practice of law. Below is a listing of scholarship and activities that occurred during the -1- academic year.

Alexander, Lawrence

Alexander's publications include Reflections on Crime and Culpability: Problems and Puzzles (with Kimberly Ferzan ) (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2018). “Distributive Justice and Retributive Justice” in Oxford Handbook of Distributive Justice (Olsaretti, ed.) (Oxford University Press, 2018).

Alexander's presentations and conferences include at Conference on The Future of Free Expression and Academic Freedom in Berkeley, Calif. (March 22, 2018); and at Cpnference on the Furture of Free Expression and Academic Freedom in Berkeley, Calif. (March 22, 2018).

Barry, Jordan

Barry's publications include “Taxation and Innovation: The Sharing Economy as a Case Study” in Nestor Davidson, Michèle Finck and John Infranca, Cambridge Handbook on Law and Regulation of the Sharing Economy (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2018).

Brooks, Roy

Brooks' presentations and conferences include at International Conference Center at Hiroshima, Japan (July 2017).

Christensen, Leah

Christensen's publications include "LEARNING PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY: FROM THE CLASSROOM TO THE PRACTICE OF LAW", 2nd Ed. (with Brooks Holland) (West Academic Publishing, 2018). “Law Students Who Learn Differently: A Narrative Case Study of Three Law Students with Attention Deficit Disorder ” in NULL (2018).

Claus, Laurence

Claus' publications include “The Divided Executive” in Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy (forthcoming 2018).

Dallas, Lynne

Dallas' presentations and conferences include "Teaching and Scholarship in a Polarized Society" at AALS Annual Meeting in San Diego, Calif. (January 4, 2018).

Fellmeth, Robert

Fellmeth's publications include A White Paper on America's Family Values CAI (September 2018).

Fellmeth's presentations and conferences include "Fostering Quality Postsecondary Education: Policy and Practical Tools" at National Association of Counsel for Children in New Orleans, La. (with Riehl, and Delgado) (August 11, 2017).

Fox, Dov

Fox's publications include Birth Rights and Wrongs (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2018). “Making Things Right When Reproductive Medicine Goes Wrong: Reply to Robert Rabin, Carol Sanger, and Gregory Keating” in 118 Columbia Law Review 94 (2018); and “The Limits of Law When Reproductive Medicine Goes Awry: Reply to Professors Carol Sanger, Robert Rabin, and Gregory Keating” in 118 Columbia Law Review (forthcoming 2018).

Fox's presentations and conferences include "The Patient Said He Would Rather Die: Should You Let Him?" at Annual American Association for Thoracic Surgery Conference at San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, Calif. (April 30, 2018); and "The Changing face of the American Family" at Association of American Law Schools at Hyatt San Diego in San Diego, Calif. (January 5, 2018).

Hirsch, Adam

Hirsch's publications include “Inheritence on the Fringes of Marriage” in 2018 University of Illinois Law Review 156 (2018).

Jurow Kleiman, Ariel

Jurow Kleiman's publications include “Low-End Regressivity” in Tax Law Review (2018).

Lazerow, Herbert

Lazerow's publications include “Holocaust Art Disputes” in (2018).

Lobel, Orly

Lobel's publications include “The NFL as a Workplace: the prospect of Applying Occupational Health and Safety Law to Protect NFL Workers” in (with Adam Finkel, Chris Deubert, Glen Cohen, and Holly Lynch) (forthcoming 2018).

Ramsey, Lisa

Ramsey's publications include “Non-Traditional Trademarks and Inherently Valuable Expression” in The Protection of Non-Traditional Marks: Critical Perspectives (Irene Calboli , and Martin Senftleben, eds.) (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2018).

Ramsey's presentations and conferences include "Non-Traditional Trademarks and Inherently Valuable Expression" at 16th Annual Recent Developments in IP Law and Policy Conference at Golden Gate University School of LAw in San Francisco, Calif. (February 23, 2018).

Rappaport, Michael

Rappaport's publications include “Classical Liberal Administrative Law in a Progressive World ” in Handbook on Classical Liberalism (Todd Henderson, ed.) (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2018). “The Constitution and the Language of the Law” in William and Mary Law Review (with John McGinnis) (2018).

Sichelman, Ted

Sichelman's publications include “Very Tight 'Bundles of Sticks': Hohfeld's Complex Jural Relations” in The Legacy of Wesley Hohfeld: Edited Major Works, Select Personal Papers, and Original Commentary (Shyam Balganesh, Ted Sichelman, and Henry Smith, eds.) (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2018). “Innovation Factors for Reasonable Royalties” in 24 Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal (forthcoming 2018); and “Why Do Startups Use Trade Secrets?” in 94 Notre Dame Journal of Law (forthcoming 2018).

Sohoni, Mila

Sohoni's publications include “King's Domain” in 93 Notre Dame Law Review 1419 (2018).

Sohoni's presentations and conferences include "Cardozo Law School Faculty Workshop" in New York, N.Y. (April 18, 2018); "Loyola Law School Faculty Workshop" in Los Angeles, Calif. (April 12, 2018); "Roundtable Presentation: Rehnquist Center National Conference of Constitutional Law Scholars" at University of Arizona Law School in Tucson, Ariz. (March 17, 2018); at U. Penn. School of Law Faculty Workshop in Philadelphia, Pa. (January 30, 2018); "Civil Rights enforcemetn and Administrative Law in the Trump Era" at AALS Annual Meeting in San Diego, Calif. (January 5, 2018); "Constitutional Law Workshop" at Constituional Law Workshop at Univeristy of Chicago School of Law in Chicago, Ill. (December 4, 2017); and at Notre Dame Law Review Symposium on Administrative Lawmaking in the Twenty First Century at Notre Dame Law School in South Bend, Ind. (November 10, 2017).