University of San Diego School of Law
Advocate Fall 2017 Issue

Devitt, Bell, Hirsch and Ramsey Recognized with Thorsnes Prizes

Professor Michael Devitt received the 2017 Thorsnes Prize for Excellence in Teaching, which is awarded annually based on a vote of upper-division law students. The 2017 Thorsnes Prize
for Outstanding Legal Scholarship, which recognizes significant scholarly works, went to Professor Avi Bell for his recent articles “Of Property and Information” in 116 Columbia Law
Review 237 (2016) and “The Dual Grant Theory of Fair Use” in 85 University of Chicago Law Review 1051 (2016) (with Gideon Parchomovsky), and his forthcoming article “Partial Takings” in 117 Columbia Law Review (2017); Professor Adam Hirsch for his article “Testation and the Mind” in 74 Washington and Lee Law Review (2017); and Michael Ramsey for his recent contributions to the analysis of constitutional law issues and interpretation, including his articles “Justice Scalia’s Originalism in Practice” in 92 Notre Dame Law Review 1945 (2017) and “Constitutional War Initiation and the Obama Presidency” in 110 American Journal of International Law 701 (2016).