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For events at universities or colleges, please consult either Career Services or the Pre-Law Department at that particular institution. When the information is available to us we will hyperlink the event.

For events hosted by USD or the WCC, please email jdinfo@sandiego.edu for additional event details and registration information.

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Date Location/Event Contact
February 21, 2023 BYU Idaho Graduate School Fair (Virtual)


Date Location/Event Contact
January 23, 2023 Emory University Law School Fair Staff
January 24, 2023 University of Alabama SAPLA Law School Fair Staff
January 25, 2023 Auburn University Staff
January 26, 2023 Tuskegee University Law School Fair Staff
January 27, 2023 University of West Florida Law School Fair Staff


Date Location/Event Contact
January 28, 2023 WCC Phoenix Panel and Fair Staff


Date Location/Event Contact
January 11, 2023 USD Law General Application Information Session and Q&A Staff
January 17, 2023 East Meets West | After You Hit Submit - 1:00-2:00 PST/4:00-5:00 EST Staff
January 21, 2023 WCC Seattle Law Fair at Seattle University School of Law Staff
January 31, 2023 7Sage Deans Roundtable Panel 5:00 p.m. PST/8:00 p.m. EST Staff
February 01, 2023 WCC Virtual Panels: What does ‘non-traditional’ really mean? and Finding your fit (no law fair) Staff
February 03, 2023 LSAC Digital Forum Staff
February 07, 2023 East Meets West | Ask An Alumnus - 5:00-6:00 PST/8:00-9:00 EST Staff
February 08, 2023 USD Law Get to Know More About USD Law Information Session and Q&A Staff
February 21, 2023 Dean Schapiro's Supreme Court Talk Staff
February 25, 2023 WCC Los Angeles Law Fair Staff
March 10, 2023 USD Law Campus Visit Day 1 (For Fall 2023 Admitted Students) Staff
March 14, 2023 East Meets West | Ask Us Anything - 12:30-1:30 PST/3:30-4:30 EST Staff
March 15, 2023 USD Law Financial Aid Information and General Q&A Session Staff
March 24, 2023 Spring Diversity Reception (Fall 2023 Admitted Students) Staff
April 05, 2023 USD Law Ask Us Anything Information Session Staff
April 21, 2023 Campus Visit Day (For Fall 2023 Admitted Students) Staff