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For events at universities or colleges, please consult either Career Services or the Pre-Law Department at that particular institution. When the information is available to us we will hyperlink the event.

For events hosted by USD or the WCC, please email jdinfo@sandiego.edu for additional event details and registration information.

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Date Location/Event Contact
January 28, 2020 Tuskegee University Michael Chavez
January 29, 2020 University of Alabama Michael Chavez


Date Location/Event Contact
January 30, 2020 Auburn University Michael Chavez


Date Location/Event Contact
January 25, 2020 WCC Seattle Michael Chavez
February 08, 2020 WCC Los Angeles Jorge Garcia
February 12, 2020 UCSC Michael Chavez
February 29, 2020 WCC Silicon Valley Michael Chavez
September 12, 2020 WCC Mock Admissions Panel + Law Fair Michael Chavez
September 15, 2020 WCC Panel for Pre-Law Advisors Michael Chavez
September 26, 2020 September Digital JD Forum Jorge Garcia
October 13, 2020 October Digital JD Forum Jorge Garcia
November 04, 2020 November Digital JD Forum Jorge Garcia