Campus Visit Day - Travel Stipend

This year USD Law will host three Campus Visit Days: March 11, April 5, and April 15. These events are specially designed for our admitted applicants.  Each visit day will include a mock class, career services and financial aid presentations, campus tour, and lunch with current students, faculty and alumni.  We firmly believe that in order to make an educated decision on which program best fits your needs, it is important to visit the campus and meet the law school community. Your travel stipend is intended to help offset some of the transportation, lodging, or meal costs you experience while attending Campus Visit Day.  

How to Claim Your Stipend: After you have attended one of our Campus Visit Days, you are welcome to send in your travel receipts either via email or in person following the Campus Visit Day event.  It is at your discretion how you choose to book your travel.  Stipends are intended to be used towards transportation, hotel, or meals.  Please note your stipend cannot be used to cover any alcohol purchases.

Please keep in mind, proper documentation would be an itemized receipt showing the full amount paid as well as the form of payment in your name. Credit card statements are not considered receipts and will not be processed. The university can only process receipts that are in your name and unfortunately, cannot provide assistance to family or friends.

An Itemized Original Receipt must, at the least, have the following items on the receipt:

  1. Name of Merchant
  2. Address/Phone #  (at least one way to contact the merchant)
  3. Description of each item purchased 
  4. Price for each item purchased 
  5. Tax for the taxable items
  6. Grand Total 
  7. Date of Purchase 
  8. Method of payment

Personal Vehicle: The University reimburses for use of a personal vehicle using the standard IRS mileage rate. Because the university’s per mile rate considers the cost of gasoline and operating expenses, the university does not reimburse for use of private vehicles based on receipts (i.e. gasoline or service invoice).

Rental Car: The stipend may be used to offset the cost of renting a vehicle, plus associated rental vehicle expenses (e.g. gasoline). Reimbursement for fuel costs incurred when renting a vehicle will also require an itemized receipt as outlined above. 

The following items are not eligible for reimbursement as part of your stipend offer: Mini Bar, Snacks, and Candy; Personal Care; Movies; Luggage (not including transportation baggage fees); Clothing and Accessories; and/or Citations.

Reimbursement is typically mailed 2-3 weeks following your attendance at Campus Visit Day, and after all documentation is received in the manner outlined above. Reimbursements will be mailed to your current address on file with LSAC. 


If you have any questions about your stipend please contact our office at 619-260-4528 or