London is divided into many different neighborhoods. Our program office and classes are located at Fordham University London, 2 Eyre Street Hill, London EC1R 5ET which is located in between the Holborn and Farrington neighborhoods.


Housing Options

Students have the opportunity to live wherever they wish while in London. However, to be close to the program classroom, the ideal neighborhoods are: Holborn, Bloomsbury and Farringdon. London has a robust public transportation system, so students may opt to stay in more distant housing along a tube line if they wish. Housing options in London include hotels, apartments and AirBnB spaces. Cooking utensils and linens are generally furnished in apartments or AirBnB spaces, but most London housing does not have air conditioning and you should inquire about laundry equipment and internet service. 


Online Resources

  • There are various resources used by the USD International Center when looking for housing abroad and short-term rentals. Below are some options;