Summer Study Abroad FAQs


How many students enroll in the program?
Over recent years, approximately 15-30 students have enrolled at each Summer Study Abroad program location every year; some students attend both the Paris and London programs.

In 2019, twelve USD students and one non-USD student enrolled in the Paris program.Ten USD students and two non-USD students enrolled in the London program.

Can international law students apply to enroll in the program?
Yes, international law students may apply to the Summer Study Abroad program. Each year, USD welcomes students from its international partner institutions around the world. In 2019, zero international students enrolled in either program.

Courses and Credit

Are there required or prerequisite courses?
There are no required courses in the program. Each course description will indicate whether the course requires any prerequisites.

Is attendance required?
Students are expected to attend all their scheduled classes. Attendance is mandatory and means physical presence in the classroom.

What is the grading policy?
Detailed information about the School of Law's grading policy is available on the website. Consistent with this policy, courses in the program are graded on a letter-graded basis.

How many credits can I earn?
Acceptance of any grade or credits for courses taken while enrolled in the program are subject to determination by the student's home institution. USD law students may earn a maximum of seven (7) credits total in the summer term. Other students should check with their home institutions to determine whether any limitations apply.

Financial Aid

Can I obtain financial aid for the program?
USD law students must be enrolled at least half-time in order to be eligible for federal financial aid. In the summer term, three (3) credits is considered half-time enrollment. Students from other institutions should communicate directly with their home institution's financial aid office to confirm the required minimum credit load for financial aid eligibility.

Non-USD students from ABA-accredited law schools should obtain a consortium agreement from their home institution's financial aid office and forward it to Graduate and International Programs at USD School of Law's Office of Financial Aid will complete the form and return it to the student so that the home institution can provide the correct amount of financial aid to him/her.

Are scholarships available?
Scholarship funding may be available to USD law students; USD law students should apply via the International Study Abroad Scholarship application form.

Visa, Accessibility and Travel Alerts

Do I need a visa to attend the program?
U.S. citizens do not need a visa to take courses in any of the programs. International students are responsible for contacting the appropriate consulate to determine whether a visa is necessary based on their program of study and country of citizenship.

Are the programs accessible for students with disabilities?
Students with documented disabilities that require accommodation should contact Graduate and International Programs at immediately upon acceptance to the program. Students should review the U.S. Department of State information on traveling with disabilities and should keep in mind that other countries have different accessibility standards that may not be comparable to U.S. standards. USD School of Law will make reasonable efforts to provide appropriate accommodations and access.

Are there any current travel warnings for the program locations?
Students are urged to visit the U.S. Department of State website to view the current travel warnings in place for specific destinations. The State Department also provides additional information about the countries in which the programs are located: United Kingdom and France.

If you have additional questions, please contact:

(619) 260-7854