Prospective Law Review Membership

What is Law Review?

The San Diego Law Review is a student-run periodical that publishes articles of topical legal interest four times a year (Feb/Mar, May/June, Aug/Sept and Nov/Dec). Membership on Law Review is a prestigious honor as well as an excellent learning experience. Law Review members enhance their legal research and writing skills by assisting with the publication of each issue.

What does membership on Law Review entail?

Law Review is a substantial responsibility. All student members are required to complete one "comment" (a research paper intended for publication). The comment will discuss an interesting and hopefully controversial topic in law and will be at least 30 pages in length. Every student on Law Review receives personalized editing assistance on the comment from a member of the Law Review board.

Every comment is reviewed by the Law Review's Student Article Publications Committee. Papers that are determined to be of exceptional quality and interest will be selected for publication in the Law Review. Publication in the Law Review is a distinction that will remain with the student throughout their legal career.

All members are also required to assist in the editing and preparation of articles for publication. Members review the accuracy of the research in every article selected for publication, from both institutional and student authors. Reviewing articles is a very important task because it ensures the quality of the publication.

Successful completion of every Law Review assignment will result in two units of academic credit during the second year of law school. More units are available if students wish to publish a casenote or to become members of the Law Review Editorial Board.

Who runs the Law Review?

The San Diego Law Review is a student-run publication run by the Law Review Editorial Board. The Editorial Board consists of an editor-in-chief, managing editor, research editor, articles research editor, lead articles editors, articles editors, executive comments editor, and comments editors. Each member of the Editorial Board is assigned specific editorial tasks, and the Editorial Board works together to complete each issue of the Law Review and to assist Associate Members in completing their comments and assignments.

The outgoing Editorial Board selects the new Editorial Board from Associate Member ranks. Membership on the Law Review Editorial Board is an honor and a significant time commitment. Editorial Board members are eligible to receive additional course credit.

The Law Review receives tremendous support from the Assistant Director for Law Journals, Brigid Bennett, the Office of Communications, the Law Student Affairs Office, and the Law Review Faculty Advisor, Professor Roy Brooks.