San Diego Law Review

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Articles in Volume 57
"The Spirit of" Due Process as Advocated by Charles Lindbergh: Revisiting Pacific Air Transport v. United States, 98 Ct. Cl. 649 (1942)
Thomas C. Clark, II
Aid-in-Dying Nonprofits
Taimie Bryant
All Dried Up: Averting the Day Zero Water Crisis Through Tax Reform
Garrett Gaughan
California’s Civil Grand Juries and Prison Conditions 2007-2017
Nkem Adeline, Anne Richardson Oakes, Julian Killin
Children of Assisted Reproduction vs. Old Dynasty Trusts: A New Approach
Kristine S. Knaplund
COVID-19 and Preventing Harm to Vulnerable Children
Jessica K. Heldman, Margaret A. Dalton, Robert C.
Crisis Standards of Care and State Liability Shields
Valerie Gutmann Koch
Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Innovation Through Regulatory Democratization
Seth C. Oranburg
Expansion of Joint Employer Liability Theory on the Horizon: The Ninth Circuit Adopts the Agency Test in EEOC v. Global Horizons, Inc.
Kelly Kagan
Information Otherwise Unknowable: Carpenter as a Window into the Judicial Decision-Making Process
Carol M. Bast & Carlton J. Patrick
Living in the Gray: Why Today’s Supported Decision-Making-Type Models Eliminate Binary Solutions to Court-Ordered Guardianships
Alexandra Wallin
More Than a Mask: Stay-at-Home Orders and Religious Freedom
Dorit Rubinstein Reiss & Madeline Thomas
Prisons and Pandemics
Camila Strassle & Benjamin E. Berkman
Speaking Truth to Power and Power Speaking Truth: Accurate and Reliable Information in a Pandemic
Leslie E. Gerwin
The COVID Cases: A Preliminary Assessment of Judicial Review of Public Health Powers During a Partisan and Polarized Pandemic
Wendy E. Parmet
The Current Anxiety About JD Advantage Jobs: An Analysis
Susan D. Carle
The Delaware Supreme Court Does Not Scream for Ice Cream: Director Oversight Liability Following Marchand v. Barnhill
Meghan Roll
The Fragile Future of Aquifer Storage and Recovery
Zachary Bray
The Innovation Winter Is Coming: How the U.S.-China Trade War Endangers the World
Kimberly A. Houser
The Long Shadow of Jacobson v. Massachusetts: Public Health, Fundamental Rights, and the Courts
Daniel Farber
The Tort of Interference with Custody: A Tale of Two Jurisdictions
David Crump
To Trigger or Not to Trigger: The Catch-22 of the Americans with Disabilities Act’s Interactive Process
Kelly Kagan
Victim or Complaining Witness: The Difference Between Guilty and Not Guilty
Michael Conklin
We Are All Gig Workers Now: Online Platforms, Freelancers & the Battles Over Employment Status & Rights During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Orly Lobel