San Diego Law Review

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Articles in Volume 56
Christians and Pagans in the Sacred Nation
Christopher J. Eberle
Federalization's Folly
Stephen F. Smith
Introduction to the Symposium
Steven D. Smith
Is Modern Paganism True?
Anthony T. Kronman
Jews and the Culture Wars: Consensus and Dissensus in Jewish Religious Liberty Advocacy
Michael Helfand
Jews, Not Pagans
Richard Schragger & Micah Schwartzman
Judicial Deference and Political Power in Fourteenth Amendment and Dormant Commerce Clause Cases
F. Italia Patti
Paganism Is Dead, Long Live Secularism
Samuel C. RIckless
Pagans, Christians, and Student Protesters
Stanley Fish
Macklin W. Thornton
Prosecuting the Executive
Tiffany R. Murphy
The Case for Varying Standards of Proof
Gustavo Ribeiro
The Problem with Procedure: Some Inconvenient Truths About Aspirational Goals
George Rutherglen
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017: The SALT Deduction, Tax Competition, and Double Taxation
William B. Barker
This Isn't About You: A Comment on Smith's Pagans and Christians in the City
Andrew Koppelman