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Articles in Volume 58
"Rule of Inclusion" Confusion
Dora W. Klein
(Un)Supervised Student Practice
Gillian R. Chadwick
A Conflict of Two Freedoms: The Freedom of Information Act Disclosure of Confidential Settlements in the #MeToo Era
E.M. Bauer
Benevolent Sexism in Judges
Jeffrey J. Rachlinski & Andrew J. Wistrich
Catch Up CAPTA: Amending CAPTA to Guarantee Children Legal Counsel in Dependency Proceedings
Taylor Needham
Consent to Jurisdiction Based on Registering to Do Business: A Limited Role for General Jurisdiction
Jeffrey L. Rensberger
Defamation Per Se Cases Should Include Guaranteed Minimum Presumed Damage Awards to Private Plaintiffs
Steven A. Krieger
Eradicating Race-Based Health Disparities by Effectuating the Fair Housing Act's De-Segregation Intent
Parisa Ijadi-Maghsoodi
Face IT: Only Congress Can Preserve Privacy from the Pervasive Use of Facial Recognition Technology by Police
John Zens
Framers’ Fidelity and Thicket Theory in Educational Establishment Clause Jurisprudence
Amanda Harmon Cooley
Glory Days: Do the Anticompetitive Risks of Standards-Essential Patent Pools Outweigh Their Procompetitive Benefits?
John "Jay" Jurata, Jr. & Emily N. Luken
Immigration Detention As An Obstacle To Decarceration
Pedro Gerson
Introduction: Racism Without Racists
Robert A. Schapiro
Noncompetes in a Downsizing World
Charles A. Sullivan
Pain Speaks for Itself: Divorcing the Eighth Amendment from the Spirit of the Moment
Benjamin White
Race-Based Discrimination in the Totality of the Circumstances: Why America's Highest Court Should Permit Section 2 Voting Rights Act Challenges to State Felon Disenfranchisement Laws
Ellen Atkinson
Saving Class Members from Counsel
Jeremy Kidd, J.D., PH.D. & Chas Whitehead, J.D.
Systemic Racism: Patterns of Black Disadvantage and White Advantage Linked to Slavery
Roy L. Brooks
The Death Row Phenomenon: A Prohibition Against Torture, Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment
Nkem Adeleye
The Duties of Online Marketplaces
Shelly Kreiczer-Levy
The Importance of Viewing Property As a System
Lynda L. Butler
Think Nationally, Act Locally: Cities and the Struggle for Social Justice
Harold McDongall
This Is the House that Law Built: A Systems Story of Racism
Palma Joy Strand