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Articles in Volume 59
Antigone and Les Misérables: A Pathetic Look at Jury Nullification
Andrew Lambert
Bostock’s Effect on the Future of the ADA’s Gender Identity Disorder Exclusion: Transgender Civil Rights and Beyond
Julia Reilly
California Constitutional Law: Privacy
David A. Carrillo, Stephen M. Duvernay, Rodolfo E. Rivera Aquino, Brandon V. Stracener
Constructing Students’ Speech Rights, from College Admissions to Professional Schools
Todd E. Pettys
Forgotten "People": Reviving Textualism in the Fourth Amendment
Peter C. Douglas
From Bus Bans on Religious Advertisements to Beyond: Why Religion Is More Appropriately Classified as a Viewpoint Rather Than a Subject Matter
Anna Kukharenok
Good Intentions Gone Awry: Privacy as Proportionality Under Rule 26(b)(1)
Hon. James C. Francis IV (Ret.)
Head in the BitCloud: A Discussion on the Copyrightability and Ownership Rights in Generative Digital Art and Non-Fungible Tokens
Amanda J. Sharp
How Much is Your Data Worth? CCPA's Data Valuation Requirement Explored
Jeewon Kim Serrato
Immigration E-Carceration: A Faustian Bargain
Mary Holper
No Disability If You Recover: How The ADA Shortchanges Short-Term Impairments
Cheryl L. Anderson
Pushing the Needle: Vaccination Mandates in the Age of COVID
Lucien J. Dhooge
Taking One for the Team: COVID-19 Eviction Moratoria as Regulatory Takings
Charles Kausen
The Right to Data Encryption
Steven W Schlesinger & Dr. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid
The Road Map to Attaining Diversity in the Workplace: How Race-Conscious Admissions Programs in Education Can Lead the Way
Nancy L. Zisk
What COVID-19 Laid Bare: Adventures in Workers’ Compensation Causation
Michael C. Duff