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The San Diego Law Review (SDLR) is an academic journal dedicated to the publication of articles that widens the realm of academic education.  Created in 1964, the Law Review is committed to publishing articles and essays written by academics, judges, and legal practitioners from all over the world.  The San Diego Law Review is an entirely student-run organization.  All articles are selected, edited, and published by the review’s Editorial Board.  Additionally, almost every issue contains at least one comment or casenote authored by a University of San Diego law school student, as selected by the Editorial Board.

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Articles in Volume 54
Breaking Through Gridlock To Protect Human Rights: The Case For A Congressional Human Rights Committee
Dr. Joanne Sweeny
Mandatory Ultrasounds and the Precession of Simularca
Jessica Knouse
Ownership Not Required: The Expansion of Section 167(h) in CGG Americas, Inc. v. Commissioner
The History and Future of Capital Punishment in the United States
Robert A. Stein
The Never-Ending Quest for Clarity Amidst Uncertainty: Hospital M&A and Antitrust Scrutiny
Ross E. Bautista
User "Safer Harbor" from Statutory Damages: Remixing the DOC's IP Task Force White Paper
Tonya M. Evans


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