Support for a Contingent Period of Time


Pamela Townsend


Faculty editor: Paul Horton
Publication: Contemporary Legal Issues
Volume: 22
Start Page: 418
Month: December
Year: 2015
Type: Article


Divorce contemplates an uncertain future. Nowhere is this truism more evident than in a court’s alimony award. Not long ago, in less complicated times, the alimony award rested on the expectation that it would last forever. “[T]he concept of alimony often served as a means of lifetime support and dependence on one spouse, long after the marriage was over.” Katherine
A. Kinser and R. Scott Downing, Family Law Issues that Impact the Professional Athlete, 15 J. American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers 337, 367 (1998). The expectation was made subject to the contingencies of death of either party to the alimony order, remarriage of the alimony recipient, or a material change in circumstances that warranted modification of the award.