Marital Standard of Living as a Factor for Spousal Support in the Career-Threshold Divorce


Caitlin Obolsky


Faculty editor: Paul Horton
Publication: Contemporary Legal Issues
Volume: 22
Start Page: 159
Month: December
Year: 2015
Type: Article


Wendy married Hank right out of high school. Wendy took a job as a retail sales clerk and supported the household while Hank went to college and then law school. Hank’s education was funded through a combination of parental assistance, scholarships, and student loans. Wendy’s salary—which so far this year has amounted to about $2500 per month in take-home pay—provided the primary source for the payment of the couple’s living expenses. The couple lived pretty much hand-to-mouth; their most significant asset was a serviceable used car with a loan outstanding against it. Throughout the marriage the couple discussed Wendy’s desire to attend college and train to become a registered nurse once Hank started working as an attorney....