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A national publication, the Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues is published bi-annually by the law school and is dedicated to the examination of important contemporary legal, political and social issues.

This journal consists primarily of papers presented at symposia usually held at the law school. Recent issues have centered on family law; critical race feminism; law, evolution and biology; the religion clauses of the Constitution; and criminal law.

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Articles in Volume 20
'Support' in the Duty of Spousal Support During Marriage
Sohrab Tahvildaran
A Brief History of Uniform Laws for Private Interstate Support Enforcement
Kimball Denton
A Short History of Alimony in English and the United States
Danielle Monroe
Alimony Awards for Petitioners
Amanda Ruiz
Alimony Pendente Lite Awards in California
Jen Monheit
Alimony: An Annotated Bibliography of Secondary Sources
Timothy Ferrette
California Premarital Agreements Waiving or Specifying Spousal Support Obligations
Michelle Butler
California Spousal Support Enforcement
Steve Escalera
Divorce and ?Spousal? Social Security Benefits
Trish Hodny
Enforcement of Spousal Support Obligations in Marital Settlement Agreements
Court Turner
Evidence of Marital History for Determining Alimony Award
Rebecca Brengle
Extending the Alimony Obligation Beyond the Grave
Matt Heim
Grant Proposal for the Empirical Study of California Spousal Support Awards
Christina Phan
Grounds for Modification of Support Agreements
Christina McClurg
History of Alimony in California: 1850 to 1994
Maria Nguyen
How Ubiquitous Are Alimony Awards? A Call for Current Data
Kiley Morgan
In re Marriage of Leib: The Supported Spouse as Unmarried Cohabitant
Daniel Lieb
Interspousal Support Entitlements: California, 1850 to 1994
Dan Nutter
Jail Time for Failure to Pay Spousal Support
David Williams
Judicial Discretion and Spousal Support in California: An Empirical Study
David Shamsky
Judicial Discretion and Spousal Support: An Update
Anthony Ling
Judicial Findings on Marital Standard of Living
Angel Lawrence
Making Alimony Orders Retroactive
Pierce Acuff
Modification or Termination of Spousal Support Agreements
Kristin Wirgler
Negotiating and Drafting Spousal Support Agreements to Minimize Future Attempts to Modify
Courtney Poel
Negotiating Support Agreements in Contemplation of Bankruptcy
Jeffrey Myers
Orr v. Orr
Travis Grant
Overcoming a Client?s Reluctance to Pay Alimony
Jackline Mola
Rehabilitative Alimony?The Goal of Self Support
Daniel Jones
Retention of Jurisdiction over Alimony Issues
Vijay Bal
Review: Alimony: Race, Privilege, and Dependency in the Search for Theory
Keith L. Shoji
Review: Divorce and the Displaced Homemaker
Amy Zelaya
Separation, Divorce, Annulment, and the Internal Revenue Code
Melissa Schmidt
Social and Psychological Attitudes Toward Alimony
Leslie Juris
Spousal Support Under the Internal Revenue Code
Stacia Gawronski
The Advantages of ADR Over Litigation with Regard to Alimony
Jarvis Lagman
The Domestic Relations Exception to Diversity Jurisdiction: Spousal Support Enforcement in the Federal Courts
Travis Grant
The Effect of Bankruptcy on a Spouse in a Divorce
Amanda Moreno
The Litigation Process for an Alimony Award
Colleen McBride
The Obligation to Support While Married
Aaron Arndt
The Requirement of Findings for an Alimony Order
Mauro Colabianchi
The Role of the Family Law Facilitator in Modification of Support Awards
Melissa Schmidt
Use of Vocational Experts in Determining Alimony Award
Ngan Tran


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