​Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues

A national publication, the Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues is published bi-annually by the law school and is dedicated to the examination of important contemporary legal, political and social issues.

This journal consists primarily of papers presented at symposia usually held at the law school. Recent issues have centered on family law; critical race feminism; law, evolution and biology; the religion clauses of the Constitution; and criminal law.

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Articles in Volume 22
'Til Death or Irreconcilable Differences Do Us Part: Comparison of Support Obligations at Death and Divorce
Laura Hamister
Age and Health as Factors for Court-Ordered Alimony Decisions
Joann Bussayabuntoon
Alimony (Square Peg) and “Partnership Marriage” (Round Hole)
Michelle Peña
Alimony and Cohabitation From Then to Now
Stasia Rudiman
Alimony as an Equalizing Force in Divorce
Michelle Murray
Alimony Criteria: Ability to Pay
Courtney Magner
Alimony Criteria: Balance of Hardships
Bhavani Peesapati
Alimony Provisions in Premarital, Postnuptial, and Separation Agreements: California Cases, 2000-2013
Sharai Elko
California’s Needs Factor for an Alimony Award
Roman Ybarra
Contingencies on Alimony Awards
Carol Kim
Death and Remarriage as Alimony-Terminating Events: A California History
Phyllis Hansen
Does Length Matter?
Kasey Jones
Domestic Violence as an Alimony Contingency: Recent Developments in California Law
Stasia Rudiman
Earning Capacity of the Supported Spouse
Erika Oliver
Earning Capacity of the Supporting Spouse
Nicole Jacobs
Fault-Based Alimony in No-Fault Divorce
Kirsten Gallacher
Finding Fault and Making Reparations: Domestic Violence Conviction as a Limitation on Spousal Support Award
Sarah Burkett
Paul Horton
Kids, Custody, and Alimony
Emily Chuun
Marital Standard of Living as a Factor for Spousal Support in the Career-Threshold Divorce
Caitlin Obolsky
One at a Time: Proposed Public Policy of the Remarriage-Termination Rule
Jamie Maher
Spousal Support Factors: California and Washington
Jordan Miller
Spousal Support in Transition from Marriage to Divorce
Lyndsey Fibus
Support for a Contingent Period of Time
Pamela Townsend
Termination of Alimony on Remarriage or Death
Danny Adams
The Enigma of Family Code § 4320(e)
Alexandra Bashkirova
The Marital Standard of Living
Nina Jafari
The Problem of Post-Dissolution Cohabitation by Alimony Recipients
Gregory Borman
The Rehabilitation Model for Alimony Awards
Kevin Spencer
The Role of the “Self-Support Goal” in Awarding and Modifying Alimony
Rosanne Golob
The Supporting Spouse’s Ability to Pay as a Factor Determining Alimony
Juhyun Joy Seo
The “Separate Estate” Contingencies
Paul Horton
Which Support Payments Qualify as Alimony in California’s Courts?
Alexandria Gojny
“Any Other Factors the Court Determines Are Just and Equitable”
Tatum Everhart
“Immediate and Specific Tax Consequences”
Amber Mullaly
“Supported Spouse’s Contribution” to Supporting Spouse’s Advancement
Justine Elgas